Virginia is for Doulas welcomes you to a better birth and parenting experience. We are Winchester and Leesburg’s premiere doula agency providing support from pregnancy to birth to the first year postpartum.

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When a family welcomes a new baby, they imagine a peaceful and precious transition. A postpartum doulas job is to help ensure that the transition is a smooth one. Whether it be with breastfeeding support, better sleep or instruction on how to give that first bath, your doula does it in a compassionate and judgment free way to help empower you as new parents.

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Having the support of a doula through your pregnancy and birth brings peace of mind, comfort and confidence. Whether it is providing a full explanation of the benefits and risks of labor interventions or providing counter-pressure during back labor, your doula has you covered. You can count on her experience and expertise 24 hours a day.

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Choosing to encapsulate your placenta as part of your postpartum recovery is a choice many women are making as it is proving to speed up recovery, increase milk supply and decrease the likelihood of postpartum depression. The placenta is first dehydrated, then crushed into powder form and placed in capsule form for easy ingestion to support to postpartum recovery process.

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" Biggest shout out to Jocelyn! My experience with her as my doula was absolutely perfect. "
abby Priest


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Our Labor Support doulas are available to you any time of day or night. To your doula, no need or question of yours is insignificant as she is committed to being completely available to you. Virginia Is For Doulas provides unbiased care and serves all families seeking professional customized support whether at home or in the hospital. Experience the comfort of OUR support!

Our Postpartum Support is the front line defense against postpartum depression and blissful parenting transitions. Let our postpartum doulas help you to navigate the uncertainties that come with a newborn and the first year. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bathing, sleep, normalizing the postpartum period and so much more is all within the scope of our care.

Our Placenta Services aid our clients in their postpartum recovery in a number of ways. Through this service, women are finding the time after giving birth is much less difficult as they have increased energy levels. They report experiencing reduced postpartum bleeding as well as a reduction in the potential for postpartum depression. Experience the comfort of your placenta’s support.

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" Having a doula attend your birth decreases your risk of being dissatisfied with your birth experience by 34%. "


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