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The Agency Team Model

Virginia is for Doulas is the largest full service agency serving the Wincehster, Leesburg and Harrisonburg areas. We support your family uniquely and without bias from the moment of conception to those first steps and beyond. The affiliated doulas on our team are hand picked and go through a vetting process to ensure they are trained by outstanding certifying organizations, thrilled to provide unbiased support, and enables continuity of care to our clients and providers that we work with. See what some of our clients have to say about our support.

Virginia is for Doulas’ goal is to ensure that every family we serve is greeted with compassion, professionalism, accountability and outstanding support from each member of our agency.  Our team model allows us to shrug off the ” back up doula” approach which leaves clients hanging and often supported by an unknown ” back up doula” if the hired doula is busy. The size of our agency allows each family to work with a team of doulas during their postpartum transition or pregnancy and delivery, always ensuring you know your team is comparable with your needs and philosophy.

Virginia is for Doulas is comprised of a team with varying backgrounds and experiences, but one thing remains the same, they are the best of the best, trained and ready to serve your family from the moment of hire. We are the community go to and we bring that to you as members of your personal team. 

Virginia is for Doulas started because our community needed change, it needed doulas that worked with family, worked cohesively with doctors, and worked as a team to better serve families in the Winchester and Leesburg areas.

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Do we have a Parenting or Birth Philosophy? Our team does not have a parenting philosophy that we impose on our clients. We know that you have information and opinions coming from all sides of you and our support offers a breath of fresh air. We use our training and knowledge to work with you to find the right philosophy and system for you and your family.

Do we support all births? From your planned induction or cesarean to your planned unmedicated hospital or birth center delivery our team will meet you exactly where you are at and help you to achieve your goals comfortably. We do not keep stats on our client’s births and we work with families looking for support to meet their unique goals. We believe all approaches to childbirth matter.

How do you get matched with your doula team and what if the fit doesn’t work? After contacting Virginia is for Doulas, our owner, Tiffany will set up an initial intake phone call. This call is a chance to discuss your goals, what you are looking for, the services that might fit your needs, and where you see doula support fitting into your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Her skills working with families and successfully matching them to a team is applied and a consultation is scheduled during that initial call. Your team will then meet you and your partner in person for the consultation. It is rare that the fit does not seem to work, but due to our amazing team and our individual uniqueness, a new team will be sent for an additional consultation upon request. This is the beauty of our agency model.

Can I pick my team? Our owner, Tiffany usually uses her expertise to pick a team that will work for you and your unique needs for Doula Support. However, the beauty of our agency model is that we have a remarkable team and if someone catches your eye, we will set up your consultation with your chosen team!

What is our focus at Virginia is for Doulas? Our focus is helping families feel confident and prepared through Childbirth Education Classes and Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas. Our experiences and expertise shows us that when families are prepared and supported, they can conquer their birth in a way that fits their needs, they can conquer parenting in a way that helps them feel empowered. When you have the tools you need to accomplish the birth and postpartum recovery you have imagined, nothing is out of reach.

When can I contact my team? Once your Labor Doula team is assembled, they are available to you at any time! Your team will also check in with you from time to time throughout the pregnancy. For a Postpartum Doula team, you will meet them prior to delivery and they will check in with you closer to your due date. Postpartum Doula support begins as soon as you want it after your baby has arrived!

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Our team serves the following birthing facilities:

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Meet our owner

Tiffany is a Certified Birth and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, Childbirth Educator and Sleep Coach and has been supporting families since 2007. She founded Virginia is for Doulas in an effort to create a team model that brought better care to families seeking birth and postpartum support, and sustainability for the Doulas serving those families. Tiffany brings you the best so that you can make the most of this memorable experience. Tiffany is your contact for the agency, she will listen to your needs, your vision and share with you how we can support you if you want more information on our support. She will chat with you over the phone about all of your needs before directing you to the next steps.

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" I used the doulas mainly to get a break from the baby, and for advice/support on various new-baby things (getting on a schedule, diaper rash, soothing, nursing, etc) It was great to have an experienced person to run things by, even though I'm a second-timer. We were super happy with VIFD! We really, really appreciated everything these lovely four women did for us. ~ Sarah N. "