Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian method of binding the abdomen in pregnancy for support or during postpartum recovery.

The optimal time to begin binding after birth is 2-5 days after a vaginal delivery and 5-6 weeks after a cesarean delivery to allow the incision to heal properly without disrupting it.

Bengkung Belly Binding has many benefits for the pregnant mother, support of the belly and lower back being the most beneficial. For the postpartum mother, binding helps with pelvic support, lower back support, and bringing the abdominal muscles back to pre-pregnancy size. Binding can be especially helpful for women with SPD and Diastasis of the abdominal muscles.

Virginia is for Doulas offers group belly binding sessions in your home either during pregnancy or in the first few days postpartum for vaginal delivery or 5+ weeks postpartum for a cesarean delivery. Please contact Virginia is for Doulas to schedule a belly binding session or discuss your postpartum recovery.

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