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Welcome to your journey as a new parent! What an adventure ahead filled with raw emotions, excitement, unknowns, and dreams.

Labor Doula Support 

As you embark on this journey with your care prover and your Virginia is for Doulas Doula, you know that you have the absolute best team by your side to support you and your growing family.

In the moments of excitement… your doula team is there to share in that joy. 

In the moments of unknowns… your doula team will be there to help you walk that path, find answers, and solutions that fit your needs. 

In the moment of overwhelming emotions during pregnancy… your doula team will be there to help you focus those emotions to what will help you feel more in control, prepared, and secure. 

During the last trimester of your pregnancy during tests and talks with your provider… your doula team will help you know what your options are. 

That moment of ” is this labor? Is it not?” ” Why won’t these contractions progress?” ” When will labor start?” ” Im so done being pregnant, I just want to hold my baby.”

Your doula team will be there to hold space for you, allow you to process, give you answers and solutions to help progress or make you feel comfortable with where things are at.

Your doula team, will be a part of your support team, whether you are planning a medicated, unmedicated or planned cesarean birth.

Your doula team will help you in labor as things get intense and you and your partner wonder if ” this is normal”. Your doula team from Virginia is for Doulas will be there to help you communicate with your provider during labor to help you achieve the experience you are desiring. Most importantly, your doulas will also be there when the plans change, and you need validation, security and answers for what comes next and how to navigate it all.

Virginia is for Doulas is proud to work along side you as you welcome a new addition to your family. We know you want the very best pregnancy and parenting experts for your growing family and that is exactly what you can count on us for. With a sea of opinions for how you should or shouldn’t do pregnancy, birth and parenting, you will find in us support, guidance and a team of experts to help you achieve the birth you desire.

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Our Doulas serve families in Winchester, Leesburg, Harrisonburg, and the Eastern Panhandle. Schedule a consultation with us!


Virginia is for Doulas offers the experience of support that every family dreams of having when they welcome their baby. Our team has  supported over 200 families in the Winchester and Leesburg areas.

" Did you know that the Doulas of Virginia is for Doulas attend planned and unplanned cesareans? We fully support you and your birth choices. "

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