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“I had Tiffany for our 2nd birth and it was better than I expected! I highly recommend them and if we ever have more children, we’ll definitely use a doula again! Jessica Pepin

“There are not enough kind words and compliments I can give to both Tiff and Jocelyn. Tiff held my hand when I was scared and when we didn’t know what was happening. I was so glad to have them even though my delivery was a c-section. Even before delivery they were both supportive via text or phone Or email. Especially when I was having contractions and making recommendations in order to enhance my comfort.There is something to be said for the superb service and kindness these girls bring to the job. I would not have it any other way. They deserve the respect and acceptance they are getting because they are dedicated and responsible. If you have doubts about placenta encapsulation, ask. I Was hesitant and glad I spoke out cause the benefits are real. Carolina Russo


“Loved our doula experience! As a first time mom, I was worried after hearing stories from a lot of my friends who had some regrets around their birth experiences. Mainly, it seemed as though people were often rushed into procedures or interventions during labor without being fully informed about what was going on or being offered a choice. While I trusted my doctors and hospital, I still felt it would be worthwhile to have someone there solely as my (and my husband’s) advocate: someone who understood what was happening, who could explain my options to me, and help me feel more empowered about the experience. That is exactly what I got! Tiffany helped me through labor, talked me through how to push (it doesn’t come naturally to all of us!!) and provided wonderful support and reassurance during the birth. As a bonus, the pictures she was able to take of my labor and the immediate moments after birth are absolutely priceless. I would absolutely recommend Virginia is for Doulas. Alice Le 

“Tiffany is hands-down awesome! She’s been our doula for two births now and has brought a calm assurance to the birth experience each time. For our first birth, she met with us on a regular basis for education classes and was very good about presenting us with options and letting us make the decision we felt was best. Active labor for our first child was intense, but Tiffany brought a spirit of peace with her as soon as she came into our home – despite having been just at another birth. Same was true for our second son – things were going very differently and I (husband) was worried; until, that is, Tiffany showed up and reassured us. Her support and encouragement, knowledge and professionalism helped us both to stay calm and focused. We will definitely continue to use her services for our future births! Elijah D. Tice

“We used Virginia is for Doulas with our first child and I honestly don’t know how I could have gotten through with out them. They were so professional, caring and really listened to our needs and struggles. During labor the support was fantastic and they were very hands on, they even made sure that by birth plan was followed as much as possible. For postpartum they were amazing! I was able to sleep while they watched my baby and even helped out with some household chores that were building up. I don’t know how I would have made it with out their support! Anne Striker 

“Husbands, if you are questioning whether you should hire Virginia is for Doulas, HIRE THEM. Especially if this is your first child, you have no idea what you’re in for, and these people have the knowledge and experience to get your family back on track (and get you and the wife some much-needed rest) during those first critical weeks.  They have all been consummate professionals and I would be happy to hire them again. Bonus: they’re incredibly nice and supportive — a huge benefit even when family is around to help you, because the doulas are your advocate only. Michael Tourville 

“As a first time mom with almost no previous exposure to infants the doulas from Virginia is for Doulas were amazing. They taught me how to care for my baby and were the go to people for all the little questions I had no one else to ask. They helped me with little chores around the house while I was recovering from my surgery and gave both me and my husband the opportunity to relax and enjoy our little bundle of joy. Thank you Tiffany and Kelly! Kate P 

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