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Postpartum Family & Infant Care Doula Support
What is it like to experience support as you settle into motherhood?

Your little one has arrived. You are enthralled by their eyes and the sounds of their voice and you simply cannot wait to get home settled in.

But what about the things you need to set up at the house…
What about groceries…
What about that nice nurse who helped you breastfeed…
What about the rush of emotions you keep getting flooded by…
What about getting your baby to sleep… and stay asleep…
What about a schedule and preparing to return to work…

Not to worry!

Your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula from Virginia is for Doulas, is scheduled to arrive at your home shortly after you get there. You will not be alone for your first night home.

She will be there to support your entire family during long nights and emotional days, and she will help you navigate the challenges that early parenting poses while supporting every choice you make and helping you find answers to questions you have.

With years of experience and top-notch training, she provides judgment-free support and helps you implement all of the systems that feel right for you. She is there in the beginning to help you off to a great start and soon you will have all the tools you need to feel confident and ready to go on your way. The birth of your baby is just the beginning of it all, preparing for your postpartum recovery as much as you prepare for your birth will ensure that you and your family thrive through that first year and not just survive.

What can a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula do for you:

  • Overnight support: feeding, pumping, breastfeeding, sleeping
  • Newborn Sleep Support
  • Infant Sleep Support
  • Postpartum planning
  • Goal reaching
  • Light housework
  • Nourishment
  • Emotional support
  • Feeding support and education, bottle or breastfeeding
  • Newborn soothing assistance
  • Sibling care
  • Colic navigation
  • Vetted resources for every need
  • Errands to doctor check ups and follow ups
  • Nonjudgemental support through everything
  • Up to date support as we keep up with the AAP and ACOG

Whether you need help during the day, overnight or you are unsure, we want to hear how we can help you feel rested and supported!

Reach out to us so we can hear what your needs are, what your vision is and share how we can help you achieve that vision. We serve families from 5-24 hours a day and proudly offer last minute a la carte shifts to get things started before we create the perfect package for you. Our most popular shifts are early morning shifts, overnight support, and evening support during those fussy hours. We cannot wait to hear from you and help put systems in place to make your transition to parenthood smooth and easy.

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" I used the doulas mainly to get a break from the baby, and for advice/support on various new-baby things (getting on a schedule, diaper rash, soothing, nursing, etc) It was great to have an experienced person to run things by, even though I'm a second-timer. We were super happy with VIFD! We really, really appreciated everything these lovely four women did for us. ~ Sarah N. "