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There are many things you can do to help set your postpartum recovery up for success, placenta encapsulation being one of them.

Families prepare for birth, they take a Childbirth Education Class, they hire a Doula, they hire an exceptional provider in Winchester and they prepare the nursery. It seems that the birth is the grand finale, but really, the birth, is the beginning of the rest of your life and your journey as parents. Placenta Encapsulation is not just for the person consuming the placenta pills, it really is for the entire family. Every family needs some sort of support when you adjust to life with a new baby, be it your first, second, third, multiples or more!

While your in the hospital, you have nurses to call on, family is off work and comes to visit, but what happens when you go home?  For families in Winchester and surrounding areas, going home can be a breeze with postpartum family doula support or placenta encapsulation. How does this all connect? Imagine on your second day home, you are focusing on nursing your new baby, showering, adjusting, recovering and introducing family and friends to your new squish.

Support for your new family is vital to you and your new baby.

Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation not only has shown to support those consuming the pills in ways such as boosted milk supply, balancing hormones, boosting energy, ease of mind and more. Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation for the whole family looks like a better balance, when mom is happy, the family is happy, when mom is supported, the whole family is supported. This is how Placenta Encapsulation supports the entire family, which is so important for the family’s transition.  

Imagine your Postpartum Placenta Specialist from Virginia is for Doulas arrives. She cleans the counter and does those remaining dishes, she checks in with you, your baby, your family and how recovery and adjustment is going, she covers the counter and begins Day One process. Along the way, any questions that come up are answered, family can be in the kitchen or not. Imagine when your Postpartum Placenta Specialist leaves, the kitchen is clean and she will return the next day to begin Day Two. Again your entire family is supported, your placenta is processed safely, cleanly, and all of your questions are answered. Before she leaves, you will know what you need to know about using your placenta pills for optimal results. You will also have access to your Postpartum Placenta Specialist for the next few weeks for questions and support.

Postpartum transition for each family looks different, but each family deserves support in a way that fits their needs. Each family has the power in pregnancy to plan for a successful postpartum recovery by investing in themselves and their future. Parenthood is not always easy, breastfeeding is not always easy, formula feeding is not always easy, but one thing is certain you need support when it is easy and when it is hard.

Midwives at Winchester Medical Center

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Growing your family? Looking for Midwifery Care, but not sure you want to deliver out of the hospital?

For several years, Karen, of Winchester Women’s Specialist, was the only Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) supporting families at Winchester Medical Center. Over the years Valley Health in Winchester has listened to what women have been asking for and the local practices have done the same by growing their provider teams with Midwives.

What exactly is Midwifery Care? How does that work in a mixed practice?

The main OB/CNM provider groups serving families delivering at Winchester Medical Center are Winchester Women’s Specialist and Winchester OBGYN. They each have a mix of CNMs and OBGYNs to enable full service support to families with specific needs. The Midwifery Model of Care is more centered on women, a more natural approach and mindset towards pregnancy and birth, though you can deliver with an induction or an epidural in the hospital with a CNM, you cannot have a cesarean with them, hence the importance of OB collaboration. Midwifrey Care is often focused on listening to women and their experiences and wishes, as well as being more focused on a natural approach to birth and the first few hours after birth.

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Placenta Encapsulation? Benefits? But what about GBS? 

The story kind of goes like this. You read about the baby who contracted GBS, twice, and how baby’s mother consumed her placenta and then the CDC said don’t eat your placenta it most likely will infect your baby with GBS. While it was an upsetting story to read, it was upsetting to us for reasons that you may not have thought of. According to the CDC’s information regarding this case, the baby was treated twice, the breastmilk was negative for GBS, but the capsules were not. Placenta Encapsulation for Postpartum recovery is not for everyone, but many women choose it as a means to enhance their Postpartum recovery, combat baby blues, increase energy, help with anxiety and more. We would like to look at the facts and help you research placenta Encapsulation to decide if it is still something you would like to consider.

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Women often find themselves concerned about tearing during pushing, if it does happen, how do you optimally recover?

During pregnancy many women focus on preparing for delivery, often specifically, reducing tears during delivery. Will I tear? How bad will it be? How can I prevent this? We do not want one more thing to worry about while we recovery from delivery and learn to navigate life with a newborn. We all want to prevent the possibility of tearing during delivery, but sometimes it happens anyways. When it does happen, there is a lot of information and help out there to ease and optimize your postpartum recovery.

 Preventing tears during delivery

If you’re reading this post and you are still expecting, let me take a few moments to share with you some effective ways to help prevent tearing. First, I’m sure you have heard of perineal massage in pregnancy, some research says that it can cause micro tears, which causes lots of little scarring. We all know that scar tissue does not stretch very well, so some providers say to skip the pregnancy perineal massage. We will let you look over the evidence yourself and decide if perineal massage in pregnancy is something for you to do or not. Then we have the very effective left side-lying pushing to reduce pressure and allow the tissue to stretch nicely. Additionally, allowing your body to push when it is ready, or breathing down your baby until it is much lower in the birth canal reduces swelling which in turn reduces the stressed tissue from tearing.

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You are so excited to be growing your family, now you want to add a Doula

As you plan all of the exciting and serious moments of your pregnancy, welcoming your baby, and who better to support you through those moments than an expert: a Doula.

Your Doula is an addition to your team, they don’t replace your partner or family, they add to the care you are receiving. While it is true, family can be of great assistance during delivery, having a trained, experienced expert who knows the ins and outs of your birthing facility and labor (birth Doula) or what it is like to bring a newborn home, adjust, learn to sleep, find a schedule and more (postpartum Doula). Today we want to focus on Birth Doulas supporting the birthing mother and the partner.

Many partners want to know why they would consider a doula when they will be at the birth?

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