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So no one is sleeping? 

Being new parents comes with a whole lot of responsibilities, adjustments and life changes, add in sleep deprivation and you might be loosing your mind right about now. I get it, I really do! People tell you to “sleep when baby sleeps”, except that is not how it works, because you wont be doing the laundry when baby is doing the laundry and so on. The fact is your baby does not know how to go to sleep on their own or in their own space and you are now napping with a baby on your chest or sleeping with a baby in-between you and your partner. No judgement here, if sleeping with your kiddos is what you want your life to look like, no problem, if it’s not, then there are solutions for you.

Sleep so important

Sleep is so very important for developing brains and parents, specifically mothers, who are not only trying to recover from childbirth, but also function during the day. It is hard to do the day to day things if you are constantly exhausted. It is hard to keep your milk supply up when you are exhausted. It is hard to recovery from Postpartum Depression if you are sleep deprived. It’s hard to get things done when you’re sleep deprived. It is hard to have energy to invest with your little one when you are sleep deprived. The list goes on! Sleep is also very important for your little one as they grow, learn and reach all of their milestones.

How can your family get sleep?

Families often come to us with tired eyes and babies that will only sleep if you swaddle, bounce them for exactly 6.4 minutes, sing to them, pat them to sleep, and then slowly lay them down, only for them to wake up an hour later and the process begins again. Sometimes the baby will resettle but continues to wake hour after hour and you are tired and frustrated. THERE IS a solution. Your family can have sleep, it’ll be a learning process, but you do not have to have all of the answers yourself or go it alone. Tiffany, Certified Sleep Coach through our sister company Family Bliss, will come to your home and create a plan that will work for you and your family, with everyone sleeping at the end of the process.

The truth is, no one is sleeping and it is not only hard on you, your baby but also your relationship. Schedule a complimentary sleep assessment call to learn how we can help your family.

The baby is here!!

We all get so excited when the new baby has arrived, we want to go meet this new baby and snuggle them and ask all the questions about the baby. What can you do that will be helpful for this new family AND allow you to soak in the new baby snuggles?

After a new baby arrives, it is important to be sure that the family who just gave birth is also showered with love and support and we pulled our expert experiences together to bring you some of the best ways you can help a family that is welcoming a new baby!

What do families with a new baby need

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Preparation and what to expect at Winchester Medical Center

So Valley Health’s Labor and Delivery at Winchester Medical Center is where you will be welcoming your newest addition? We know there is so much to do as you prepare for the arrival of your baby! Picking a name, baby showers and baby registries , choosing a pregnancy care provider, hiring a Doula in Winchester, preparing the nursery for baby ( so they can not sleep in it – we all know how that works), packing for the hospital and literally one hundred other things that you have to do to prepare for your baby’s arrival.  Perhaps you are here looking for answers because you will now be delivering at Winchester Medical Center instead of Warren Memorial like you had planned, before the L&D in Front Royal closes, or perhaps you have been planning it all along and you simply want to know what to expect.

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What IS a Birth Doula??

Posted on: March 20, 2018   by:

What is a Doula? I’m curious!

” Oh, we thought about a Doula but wanted to have our baby in the hospital.” An exact quote I have heard more than once, because there are still so many misconceptions about WHAT A DOULA IS! ” We thought about a doula but I wanted an epidural.” The list goes on. Sometimes we blog about really important topics and forget about the smaller topics that are also really important, such as what is a doula!

A Doula comes to support you through your pregnancy and your birth and your postpartum recovery. 

What does a doula do during your pregnancy?

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Many moms are wondering what they can do to prepare for postpartum recovery. Placenta Encapsulation is an option, while not appealing to every new mom, it is a wonderful addition to many of our client’s postpartum recovery. We’d love to share some love notes from our past clients about Placenta Encapsulation. We serve Harrisonburg, Winchester, Leesburg and everywhere in-between with placenta encapsulation. Wondering about GBS? Check out our GBS and Placenta Encapsulation blog.

“I recommend placenta encapsulation to everyone I know now. Well, every pregnant woman. I am prone to depression and anxiety, and the baby blues hit me hard after birth (natural birth with Pitocin, and then kidney stones hit 5 days later that required surgery and a lot of meds). Despite all of that taking a toll on me, I started taking my placenta pills and by the next day I was feeling like my normal self again. No more sadness or numbness and my interest in my baby returned. I can’t speak highly enough about Tiffany and her help during this time.” Danielle B.

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