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Childbirth Education that serves you

Where do you find Childbirth Education in the Winchester, Shenandoah Valley Area that helps you read your goals, meets your needs and isn’t a waste of time for you and your partner? Childbirth Education sometimes gets a bad rap, because you know someone who took the local hospital class and it just didn’t meet their needs, or they took a Bradley class and then birth went so drastically different they weren’t prepared, at all… This does happen and it’s a shame.

Childbirth Education should be about well-rounded E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N. Birth rarely goes as planned, our team has worked with over 400 families and I have been teaching childbirth education to families for 6 years. What I know as a Certified CBE with years of experience is that typical childbirth education is not meeting the needs of parents in the Winchester area. Parents have the need of feeling prepared for choices in childbirth, knowing how to manage contractions with and without medication, knowing how to manage scenarios that arise in childbirth for a normal labor, induction, cesarean and so on. What happens if baby comes early or late or fast or slow or any of the other scenarios possible?

Why did I settle on private Childbirth Education Class?

Group classes are great, but, well, it’s a group a group with other couples, with their own unique pregnancies, histories and needs. When I sit down with you and your partner, my curriculum prepares you for your upcoming birth, a private class gives me the ability to adjust certain parts of the curriculum to meet your specific needs. Certain parts of the curriculum with stay, and those parts are preparing you for all situations that may come and then focusing on the specific areas that are important to you and your partner. Additionally, life is busy, a twelve week class or days that do not fit your schedule just wont work for a class that you really want to take, private classes offer the convenience of scheduling.

Would you like an example?

You’re a second time parent, your goal is to have a totally different experience from your first birth and postpartum transition. You want to be involved more. You get to focus on what you want to change about your next birth, what areas you want to be most prepared in, and you and your partner get a whole day to connect with an expert that is completely supportive of you.

You’re a first time parent, you have no idea what to expect, you have a vision in mind of what you want, you just want to prepare for how to get there. You’ve never pushed out a baby or felt a contraction. What will transition look like? What interventions might come up and the pros and cons that come with them? How will you navigate changes peacefully without becoming overwhelmed? What can you and your partner do during each stage of labor to be comfortable, communicate with the staff, and reach your goals? These are some of the things you will learn in class, a class that is focused on just you and your partner and this baby’s birth.

Valuable Childbirth education can be your bridge to reaching your vision.

This baby will only be born once. This pregnancy will only happen once. You and your partner want a bonding, connecting experience where you understand the process and feel at ease with however it goes. You simply want to be prepared to meet your sweet baby. Schedule your private Childbirth Education Class by reaching out to us and scheduling it at a convenient time for you and your partner.

Expecting a little one or two in the Harrisonburg Area? 

We are so excite you found your way here! What exactly is doula support? Well, think of the person who supported you through a trying moment in life? Maybe an exciting moment? Think of a difficult time in your life where you wish you’d have had a personal coach on helping you understand what was going on, what to expect, options for you to make the best decision that worked for YOU, a person that walked with you through the moments where you didn’t know what to do next or someone to celebrate with you. That is just a little taste of what doula support looks like.

It’s nonjudgmental support for the easy and hard moments, excitement for the fun moments, guidance in the moments where you need expert guidance that is interested in what works best for you, not what worked for them.

Guidance achieving your natural childbirth, guidance through your induction, guidance through your planned or unplanned cesarean, guidance for your partner, and guidance for the things that come up that you didn’t plan for.

Our passion is supporting the goals of Harrisonburg area families

We have a great team of vetted, amazing doulas on the Virginia is for Doulas team and several of them are located near the Harrisonburg, Staunton areas. Our teammates come from various backgrounds all with passion, professionalism and care that completes your pregnancy or postpartum team to make you feel like you’re ready to meet your baby and parent.

Our teams provide 24/7 on call support for you during your pregnancy, all of your questions, concerns, excitements, navigating provider communication, preparing for birth and more, your team is there to help you through it all. When the big day comes, your doula is ready to come to your side to help you navigate through contractions, early labor, active labor, transition, pushing a baby out and that first hour after birth! She is there to help initiate breastfeeding if your goal is to breastfeed. Our postpartum & infant care doulas help you transition home, settle in, put systems in place that will help you and your family feel at peace. Our postpartum & infant care doulas will help you and your partner get sleep throughout the night. They can also help your baby learn to sleep better!

Pregnancy and postpartum support from our Harrisonburg area doulas looks different for each family, because each family is unique and the support we provide is what each family needs.

You will feel peace of mind, assurance, and support every step of the way as you meet your new baby and transition into life as a parent. 

Kara, Tiffany and Athena are part of our amazing team that serves Harrisonburg area families, if you would like to meet them in person to connect about your vision, contact us!

Pregnant, Minus the Glow…

Posted on: January 2, 2018   by:

Pregnancy doesn’t always come with a glow and that’s okay

Okay so you’re pregnant! You’re excited about having a baby, but not about pregnancy itself. Most of our blogs are pretty informative, today’s blog is simply about validation and support.

Some women go through pregnancy like it’s the easiest thing they’ve ever done and it’s really fabulous for them.

Sometimes pregnancy gives you vomiting, sickness, nausea, sweating, back pain, lack of sleep, complications in the pregnancy or with baby. If you’ve ever been told ” well at least your baby…” ” Some women are not ever able to have babies… ” ” You should just be happy…” let all of that negativity go. Im here to tell you that it is okay to love your baby and look forward to having your baby in your arms, but not loving the process of getting there.

Here are some tips for when you’re not enjoying pregnancy or it is difficult

Back pain? Hip pain? Try a chiropractor to help you through the different trimesters of pregnancy.

Overall sickness?  Maybe chat with your provider about HG if it is sever and unwavering.

Movement of baby uncomfortable? Sometimes the uterus gets sore, it’s a muscle, from all of the movement. Magnesium can help with muscles, check out NaturalCalm and talk to your provider about it to ensure it’s okay to take.

Cant sleep at all? That whole ” preparing you for newborn life”, you need your sleep. Try a massage, chiropractor adjustments to ensure your comfortable and aligned, try magnesium as well.

We can wait years for babies to come and be overjoyed that they are coming, but you can still not be enjoying pregnancy, and that is okay. We all experience pregnancy differently, just as we are all different and unique. If you’re needing support or an ear to listen, reach out to us.

Improving your Postpartum Recovery with Better Pelvic Floor Health

Let’s go there and I mean “down there”. We all know having a baby is a miracle, but boy does it take a toll on our bodies. Let’s chat about 4 common postpartum issues that are related to the pelvic floor.

  1. Urinary Incontinence: Leaking when you sneeze, cough, jump, laugh, walk, or ANY activity, you get that point, is NOT normal. It’s NOT all about the kegels either. 40% of women do kegels incorrectly, and the other 60% have muscles that are too tight causing leakage, pain, and discomfort1. These muscles require manual manipulation from a licensed clinician and re-education to teach the muscles how to work again 2.
  2. Diastasis Recti: Separation of the abdomen occurring during pregnancy and may leave weak core muscles postpartum. Why is this a problem? We have to lift many objects including children, car-carriers, and ourselves out of bed following delivery. With weak core muscles, the incident of low back pain also increases. To fix the problem, we need to strengthen the transverse abdominis, a deep core muscle that is sometimes hard to tighten postpartum because the muscle has been stretched during pregnancy2. This strengthening program needs to be tailored to your body, because you are unique and require progressive strengthening different from your girlfriend down the street who also just had a baby.
  3. Pain with Intercourse: OMG! That’s not normal? Other women have this? YES!!! AND pelvic floor Physical Therapy can fix it! The condition is likely caused by tight muscles, scar tissue, lack of estrogen and maybe fear3. With the right combination of hand on therapy and progressive exercise, you will be back to yourself (in the bedroom) in no time!
  4. Prolapse: vaginal, uterine, or rectal. Depending on your delivery you may have 1 or all 3 , but the good news, it is FIXABLE. A prolapse is diagnosed by a physician and treated by a PT—and guess what, it is not just your pelvic floor we have to work on. There are combination movements including use of your transverse abdominis, hip musculature, and low back to improve your overall posture and position of the prolapse4.

The great news is, if you have any of these issues at 6 weeks postpartum seek care from a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist. In Europe, each patient sees a pelvic health PT before discharge because they seem the importance of supporting newly postpartum moms. Give yourself the care you deserve and see a PT as soon as you can. We have a class coming up at Valley Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy that you are free to join!

Love Life,

Brittany Wilmoth, PT, DPT
Dr. Brittany Wilmoth is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who graduated from Duke University. She is passionate about treating women and men with bowel, bladder, or sexual dysfunction including pregnant and postpartum women. She is excited to bring pelvic floor services to the greater Augusta County Area.


Babywearing Basics Class for Harrisonburg Valley Families

Hello there! Im so glad you have found your way to our blog. It is my absolute passion to support new families in all different types of scenarios, because we all need a little something different. One thing remains constant though, we all need support!

We’ve all heard of the magic of baby wearing and it is true, it is magic, once you figure it out. There are of course, DIY videos on youtube, but why not visit me in Harrisonburg for our free, introductory baby wearing 101 class to learn about wrapping your newborn.

Wrapping your newborn can allow you extra freedom, since your hands are free and your babe is content. Wrapping can allow your baby to stay close and happy, while you are able to get some extra things done.

Motherhood is no joke and before you start your own journey with a fresh newborn, you may not know what to expect, I can help you with some of that by sharing the amazingness of baby wearing.

I look forward to meeting you. No baby yet? Bring a wrap and use a doll to learn. New baby? Bring your baby and learn with the doll first if you’d like and then your baby. Cant wait to see you there! Check out the event page on Facebook for details! 


February 23, 6pm-7:30pm
Nvision Photograpy Studio
22 e market street #214
Harrisonburg va 22801

Register for your spot on our event page here!