3 Ways To Help a Family With a New Baby

We know you are just as excited as the new parents are to meet the new baby, but we wanted to share three ways to help a family with a new baby. In return, you get adorable baby snuggle and then a full night of sleep.

These days life is a little hectic, we forget to take time to recover, rest, and not overdo ourselves. After a woman has a baby, it is even more important for her to rest, recover, eat well, and enjoy those first moments before they begin to fly by.

Three ways to help a family with a new baby:

  • Food. You can never go wrong with bringing someone a hot meal and a breakfast casserole. No one can do without food and when a mom is recovering and dad is trying to adjust, not having to worry about dinner is a win.

  • A quick tidy. In order to keep up with a house, you have to pick up the mess as it comes or else leaving one bag on the table to put away later turns into everything needs put away and the dishes begin to pile up. That's okay, the new family has more important things to worry about and they can only do so much at a time. I'm sure you are familiar with the " Sleep when baby sleeps." phrase. The truth is yes, they want to sleep, but they also need some clean clothes and a fork to eat lunch with, so the chores win. "Sleep when baby sleeps." Is also like saying, "Do the dishes when baby does dishes." It's just difficult. So, when you come over to visit that new baby and drop off a meal, do the dishes or start a load of laundry.

  • Run an errand, watch the sibling, hold the baby so mom can shower. One or all of those suggested ideas are helpful for the new family. It's the little things that matter when adjusting to life with a new baby. You cannot be in two places at once and everything seems to take longer than it used to. When you head over, call ahead and see if they need anything. Offer to take that older sibling out to the park for an hour to let them feel normal and for mom to catch some quiet time. Let mom take a shower, alone.

You're an amazing help to these new parents! If you are far away or cannot provide extra support, consider donating to the Postpartum Doula fund for them to have the gift of Postpartum Doula support for a few weeks of their recovery.

Helping mom enjoy her weeks of recovery, rather than worry about setting everything up for her return to work, will optimize her recovery and make that transition smoother for everyone.