4 Reasons to Hire a Postpartum Doula

You have waited 9 months to meet your little one and your precious baby is finally here. What now? You bring your baby home and begin to settle in and find new routines, you long for sleep, for a baby that sleeps, a shower, a good meal and a baby that transitions well.

1. There are unknown challenges postpartum

When bringing home your baby you may encounter many unexpected challenges along the way. Perhaps you planned for some unpredictable moments or perhaps you expected your transition to be predictable and just as you planned, but it does not turn out that way. We have some exciting news for you, you do not have to do it alone. A postpartum doula, often confused with a baby nurse, can fill those gaps in your home and help you adjust to parenthood allowing you to get the most out of your maternity leave or those first few weeks. Your postpartum doula can help you develop systems that work for you and your new baby.

2. You can get things done

Are you task oriented and ready to get things done regardless of the fact that you just had a baby? Having a postpartum doula as part of your recovery plan can help you cross off everything you have on your list. You have a limited amount of time after birth and you need to be sure that everything is in order just as you want it before your life returns to what it was before baby. Your postpartum doula can care for your little one while you complete tasks in the house or she can complete your list of tasks while you rest and enjoy a break. Needing to stock up on breakfast and dinner? Your postpartum doula can use our comprehensive meal planner to help make a few meals for you to have when needed.

3. You do not have to be the only caregiver

Maybe you have always been the family caregiver, it is your pride and joy to be sure everyone is fed and happy. Now, during this special time you want to be sure the family is not left out, but you are still able to rest and not worry about the little things. Your doula can help draw a warm bath for you, sit and have tea, or massage your aching feet while emotionally supporting your recovery needs. Sending out thank you letters and putting away baby gifts will be more fun with your postpartum doula.

4. You will not be alone 

In those early days whether you have a lot to talk about or nothing to talk about. The fun things like your beautiful new nursery or the adorable baby cloths that need washed and folded by your postpartum doula, or your recovery, healing and how you are adjusting to motherhood, your postpartum doula will be there for you. She is like a best friend that can answer all of your questions about baby and you. Sitting and having tea with your postpartum doula or going out with her and baby to see something new and exciting, whatever it is, you do not have to be alone in those early weeks as you learn the ropes to parenting.

There are many more reasons to have a postpartum doula, but these are four great reasons to have a postpartum doula for your recovery.

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