4 Ways to Prepare for your VBAC

VBAC support is so important, and planning is even more

As with everything in life, you cannot predict outcomes, but you can do things to work towards the outcome you desire. If one of your pregnancies required a cesarean birth and you are now desiring a VBAC, how can you prepare? Where do you start? What is important? What is not important?

Let's talk about VBAC.

Tip #1: Your care provider is key

Choosing a provider that not only supports your wishes, but has the numbers to prove it is important.  Winchester Medical Center, has outstanding VBAC success rates, this means that not only is the hospital a supportive environment for vbac, but the providers that work there are as well. Other hospitals that our Doulas attend births at such as, Sentara RMH, INOVA Loudoun, INOVA Fairfax, INOVA Fair Oaks, NOVANT Health in Haymarket, and more also have good rates, but are hard to find. To find individual provider vbac rates, follow this link to Virginia VBAC Rates from ICAN of Northern Virginia. Please note, these are the most up to date states and hopefully newer ones will be released soon. What can you expect for your VBAC at Winchester Medical Center?

Tip #2: Your support team

In addition to the provider who is supportive of VBAC, having additional support is key. Whether you surround yourself with people who are fully supportive of your vbac choice, experienced with vbac, or those who professionally support women desiring a vbac, you must have your tribe of support. Being supported throughout your entire pregnancy will help you feel confident and assured that you are doing what is best for this pregnancy and this birth.  Tiffany Shank, owner and Labor Doula specializes in vbac and cesarean with with years of experience and many vbac clients supported serves families in Winchester and the West Virginia Panhandle. We proudly support you and the options you have chosen for your vbac birth. 

Tip #3: Know what you want

Spending time talking with other moms, your provider, your doula or researching vbac can be helpful in deciding what is best for you. Do you want an epidural? Do you want a water birth? Will you deliver in hospital, a birthing center, or a home birth midwife? What is it that you want most? Taking time to figure out what you want and what will make you most comfortable and achieve your goals is important. Spend time on yourself.

Tip #4: Love yourself

Be this your last pregnancy or not, spend time on yourself and all the self care you need.  You are pregnant and growing a baby you deserve self care to prepare you for delivery. Regardless of what decisions are made in the moment and the outcome of your birth, you are amazing and you are a mother. Allow yourself to be just what you need and feel all the emotions that you need to feel.

Are you looking for a Doula to help support you during your VBAC? Reach out to us!