A first time dad's, first doula experience

A few years ago when I found out I was going to be a dad for the first time I was very exited and determined to be as involved and supportive as possible to my wife and our new baby from the start! Like most couples, my wife and I spent countless hours picking out names, nursery themes and imagining and trying to prepare as much as possible for the arrival. We were in a childbirth class together when I first remember hearing and learning about "Doulas" and their role in supporting women and their partners during labor. To be honest, I’m sure I chuckled a little bit at first because of the name and also because I thought I would be just fine on my own supporting Marielle during her labor. However, my sister Tiffany, who had studied birth work for years and recently begun working as a Doula professionally, was going to be at our birth in a support role anyway, so I was going to see what having a trained Doula was all about whether I was sure about it or understood the value yet or not!

When the night finally came for Marielle and I to meet our first son, Jaxton, I immediately became thankful we had the extra, expert support that Tiffany offered as a trained and experienced Doula. If you're a dad or partner who has already supported a woman in labor than you know that feeling that kicks in when labor begins. If you haven't yet, you'll see!

The adrenaline starts rolling and all of the sudden, you realize that this is real and you want all the help and support you can get around you as you decide when to go to the hospital, work to keep the mother as calm, comfortable and confident as possible and so much more. I am so thankful to have been able to be there to support Marielle emotionally by reassuring her that her body was made to do this, that she was strong and amazing and also support her physically by doing labor coping techniques we had learned together in childbirth classes, but one of the best ways I was able to support her that night was by opening my mind, heart, putting my guard down and letting Tiffany work her Doula magic! She supported my wife in all those ways too, probably even more so than I did and in ways that I didn't because I didn't know how, but she also supported me in supporting my wife. She reminded me of things to do, techniques to use and gave me a break so that I did not completely run out of energy myself. It's nothing compared to the woman laboring of course, but supporting her emotionally and physically with hours of massaging etc will wear you out too! As our Doula, Tiffany also reinforced Marielle and our hopes, wishes and birth plan by helping to communicate with the doctors and nurses while we were mostly just in the moment. Her familiarity with the whole process and professional rapport with the hospital staff was so comforting and helpful to us.

We had Tiffany as Doula support at our second birth as well and always will for our future children. Doulas are invaluable in labor and also, just as much so, in the postpartum season. If you're still unsure about the role and value of a Doula to both the mom and her partner supporting her, shoot me an email or give me a call today and let me tell you more! If you are ready to talk to us about hiring one of our Doulas, contact us right now and we will answer your questions and welcome you to the comfort of support!