A Parent's Guide to Getting Twins on the Same Schedule

Got Twins? Are they on opposite schedules?


Multiples are a fun, exciting challenge! In my experience as a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula when it comes to multiples, one of the challenges is having two babies, often on opposite schedules. This means, no rest, and once you get a second, the next baby is ready for you.

Why opposite schedules for twins is hard

Scene: two babies, that you have just brought home. you’re tired, in fact, your whole family is tired, but you push on. Kara wakes up as it’s her time to feed, Jade is still sound asleep. So you feed Kara, burp her, change her diaper, and get her to sleep and slowly put her down in her bassinet. You sit down and exhale. That whole process took about an hour. You hear those baby sounds and Jade begins to wake up, you repeat that process. Both babies are now asleep and you have about 30 min of time before Kara wakes up again and the process repeats.

You hardly get a second to breath let alone get anything done in the house, you can forget about sleep unless you call in extra support.

Getting your twins on the same schedule

In a way, the beginning will be a little extra work and careful calculations on your part, but so worth it in the end! To get the twins on the same schedule you can either choose to wake up baby B a little early to feed, and slowly change the time you wake them up until it is at the same time as baby A. Think of slowly adjusting their feed time back so that eventually it is consistent for both babies. This will keep both babies from being hungry and going too long between feeds and also get them slowly on the same schedule.

If you are a parent of multiples and wanting an extra set of hands to help you during overnights or days, check out our postpartum doula support.

How long will it take to get twins on the same schedule?

This really depends on your babies and if you are getting support during the night to help keep the changes up or not. Your babies may be quick to adjust and do so in a few days, or they may take a week or two. The great thing about an extra set of hands is that it helps the job get done quickly and easily, without you loosing precious sleep or using more mental energy to accomplish your goal.

Best of luck getting your twins on the same schedule!