A Recovery Like You Never Dreamed Of

This blog is part of the 2016 World Doula Week Blog Challenge hosted by Louisville Area Doulas. The value of a postpartum doula goes beyond house help. Self care for mothers after they give birth is important. As mothers, we are generally the ones taking care of others, but during the postpartum transition, it is our time to rest and recover. A postpartum doula allows you as a family to transition in the way that you need to, the way that is most helpful to you. Adding a new baby is exciting, challenging, exhausting, and fun, but some of the exhausting and challenges can be eliminated with the support of a postpartum doula.


A shower alone while the newborn and the older sibling are happily hanging out with the postpartum doula.

A nap alone while your little one's needs are met and you wake up do the dishes done, a sleeping baby, and lunch all ready to go.


An listening ear as you talk and process your pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

A listening ear while you talk about your struggles with breastfeeding, pumping, or bottle feeding.


A reassuring voice when you doubt yourself. A guide when you have questions about your newborn, recovery, or anything else that is on your mind.


No judgement for the parenting choices that you made because that is what is working best for you and your little one. Someone there to help you navigate the overwhelming choices, gadgets and gear for parenting and babies. Someone that does not expect you do parent in any particular way.

What you're imagining is the job of a postpartum doula. The Postpartum Doula is not as commonly known as the Birth Doula, but she is just as important. We spend so much time preparing for the birth and we cannot forget about the importance of self-care during postpartum recovery.

It is the simple things like, a nap, clean dishes and laundry, a hot meal for dinner and energy to eat it because you did not have to prepare it. Postpartum Doulas are not the same as Night nurses or a nanny. A Postpartum doula is there to care for the entire family. Yes, we love it when grandma is around, the doula can help around the house so grandma can snuggle with her family. The reality is that dishes and laundry are never ending, but time with your family is more important.

With the support of your postpartum doula, you do not have to choose between eating or dishes or a nap. You can have all three!