A Review of My Experience with Shenandoah and Berkeley Medical Center

Hello! Jocelyn here with Virginia is for Doulas. I am a labor and postpartum doula with Virginia is for Doulas and will be adding placenta encapsulation to my services in the spring of this year. I am excited to be serving families in the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia areas. I'm a West Virginia gal myself and I get so excited when I am able to attend a birth in my local wild and wonderful West Virginia.

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever had such a great experience somewhere that you just could not wait to go back? Maybe a restaurant or an amusement park that you just loved? Could you have an experience like that in a hospital? Yes! I had an amazing experience recently attending a birth at Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg, WV. I felt supported and I was not event the one having the baby!

Aside from the convenient parking, it was super easy to find your way around the hospital thanks to their helpful staff. Through the labor and delivery doors it was nothing short of a 5 star hotel stay. From the nursing staff being so helpful in giving mom all the info she needed, to the midwives from Shenandoah Community Health being so welcoming and open to the moms choices and birthing team.  "You are important and we can work around you!" the midwives and nursing staff said.

The staff explained everything they were doing and why. We never had to ask for anything that my client needed. When plans changed, the staff supported the mom and her team with proactive, caring, and on point support. At BMC my clients have many comfort measures available to them- a comfy bed, a birth ball in each room, a shower in each room, a nice jacuzzi tub, or resting on your bed with your doula massaging your hips and back, whatever makes you comfortable.

I know people laugh and poke fun at the state of WV, but Berkeley Medical Center is no joke. It was a honor to support my client alongside their staff and I just can't wait to visit again. It wasn't too "wild", but it was absolutely wonderful.