ACOG Updates Cord Clamping Guidelines

For the longest time, families have been requesting Delayed Cord Clamping for their newborn.

Delayed Cord Clamping was not standard in all hospitals and parents had to request it be done after the delivery of their newborn. However, new guidelines released by the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) on delayed cord clamping have just come out and will soon become standard in healthy newborns. This means that parents will no longer need to request delayed cord clamping!

Why did parents want delayed cord clamping?

Before Delayed Cord Clamping became standard of care in most hospitals, many parents did their own research and found that DCC was the best fit for them. Delayed Cord Clamping can increase the newborn's blood volume by up to a third! That helps with iron levels and healthy brain development of your little one. Parents saw those benefits as something they wanted to offer their newborn.

What do the new Delayed Cord Clamping guidelines mean for you?

ACOG's new guidelines specifically say " delay in umbilical cord clamping in vigorous term and preterm infants for at least 30–60 seconds after birth." As long as your term or preterm infant is healthy, then delayed cord clamping is recommended, encouraged and practiced. We are so excited to see that ACOG has gotten behind this practice that many medical professionals and parents have seen for years. The experts are now all on the same page and your newborn will benefit from that.

What can you expect?

As always, when new guidelines are released it *may* take some time for all hospitals around the country to adopt those new practices. The entire flow of the delivery team may have to change to implement these practices, because of that it may take time. What you can do is check with your provider or Doula prenatally to see if your facility of choice has adopted this practice or if it will need to be requested. The Virginia is for Doulas team is thankful for Winchester Medical Center and the providers that work in that they have been practicing Delayed Cord Clamping for healthy newborns for a long time now! Loudoun Community Midwives have been practicing DCC for some time as well! That means you do not have to request it... it's automatic!

We wish you all the best on the upcoming birth of your little one!