Are Childbirth Classes Outdated?

Do Childbirth Classes have benefits still?

They've been around for some time, you know the ones our parents talk about... Lamaze, Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, Hypnobirthing classes and the list goes on with less well known options. They are great, but those traditional classes and anything else you might find in the Winchester area lacks what modern families need most.

You don't need someone to tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why this or that is bad for you or not. You are an adult. While the current generation does not know as much about babies as say or grandmother's did, forget about that. Right now we are going to focus on you, your baby, your partner and preparing you for the birth of your baby(ies).

Childbirth Education Classes are not outdated, but some of the available methods are outdated and there is no way around that. Keeping up with the times, the hospital policies and the changing culture of childbirth is important in order to give you exactly what you are looking for.

At Virginia is for Doulas we want you to laugh, to cry, to experience emotion about your upcoming birth, to let it all out, to learn, to grown, to be given the tools and confidence for you to have your baby in the coming months. The American Pregnancy Association says the benefits to Childbirth Education Classes are numerous, but most importantly you will walk away feeling confident in yourself.

What are your main concerns for childbirth?

Is it feeling in control of the situation? Is it knowing what to expect and when and what to do about it all? Is it feeling like your involved at all times and never alone? Is it feeling secure and reassured that you, your baby and your partner are in the most capable hands ever?

Whatever it is that your focus is, a modern, up to date, childbirth education class will do just that.

Starting in January, Virginia is for Doulas,  will have our first Childbirth Education class with our new curriculum: How, When & Why of Childbirth. It is a modern, evidence-based curriculum for you.  It's focus is not how drugs in childbirth will harm you and your baby and cause you to have a cesarean, nor is it get all the drugs and follow everything your told. It gives you the HOW of childbirth, the WHEN things will happen, and the WHY they happen to help you make decisisons based off of your needs and wishes.

The last thing you want to do after paying for a Childbirth Education Class is walk away form it feeling betrayed, scared of your provider and birthing location or unprepared for changes that occur. Our class will help you understand your comfort measure options be it medicinal or not for the Winchester Medical Center or INOVA Loudoun birthing facility. We will help you understand the current policies in place and everything you need to know to have a smooth delivery however it plays out.

Check out our amazing Childbirth Education Class Page for a list of upcoming classes in the Winchester area and register for your own class!