Benefits of a Postpartum Planning Session for Postpartum Recovery

A Postpartum Planning session? What is that?!


Postpartum planning is so important. We spend a lot of time in pregnancy preparing specifically for the BIRTH and the BABY. We hire birth Doulas, we write birth plans, we find the best OB or Midwife, we find a pediatrician, we get all these baby clothes, we focus on bringing the baby home and birthing them.

Typically, there is not enough time focused on the family transition as a new family.

Your family will benefit from postpartum planning. Whatever that planning looks like, will make the transition to a new family, better. You want the transition home with your baby or babies to be as smooth as possible! And planning for your postpartum recovery will make that happen.

Postpartum planning sessions help you think of all the important things to make your postpartum recovery as smooth as possible.

What does a postpartum planning session look like?

Each family has different goals when it comes to their postpartum recovery, they all return to work at different times, some families will have postpartum doula support, some will have family come in at times, some will have no family support, and some will have a mix of all of the above! Some want to have their babies sleeping better sooner rather than later. But the biggest focus of a Postpartum planning session is your emotional and physical transition as a family. Thinking of all the little things like food set up and planning, nursery set up, sleep set up for successful sleeping, setting up for breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding, and it is all tailored to your goals and wishes!

Our Postpartum Specialist will arrive at your home, check in with you and your partner, spend two hours talking about your most important goals for your recovery and then she helps you put a plan in place and talk about the things that will make your transition be as best as possible. You will feel supported by someone who has been there many times, you will feel grounded and prepared to meet your little one in just a few months! You get to spend two hours focusing on what will help you and your family transition in the best possible way.

Postpartum planning helps you think of all the little things that will enable you to THRIVE through your postpartum transition, not just SURVIVE!

Check out our Tuesday Talks Video on Postpartum Planning Sessions

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