Berryville Breastfeeding Support Options

Are you planning for the arrival of your little one and your goal is to breastfeed?

During pregnancy, much of the focus is on a birth plan, preparing for the baby such as clothes, a crib and baby registry, a good prenatal provider, OB and Birth Doula.  The focus is often on the birth and baby stuff with not enough time and focus spent on preparing for postpartum recovery, postpartum transition, sleep, breastfeeding and newborn care.  Postpartum Plans are just as important as Birth Plans. A childbirth class, Birth Doula or excellent prenatal support system is just as important as a lactation visit, Postpartum Doula, and postpartum support system.

New families have so many support options available to them as they transition from pregnancy, birth to becoming parents, we just have to be more aware of them!

Breastfeeding support can be life changing. 

Long ago our sisters and our mothers breastfed and we grew up watching them breastfeed and problem solved together. Normally today, the generation around us has not breastfed or we do not have family close making unconditional, non-judgental support hard to find. 

Breastfeeding or Lactation Support can help you achieve your goals of breastfeeding exclusively, increasing your supply, navigating pumping, latch issues, supply issues, and a plan to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals!

Professional breastfeeding support means a trusted person, who is experienced, there with you, helping you as you laugh, cry, wince and have questions. 

You do not know what your transition to parenthood will look like. You do not know if your baby will be quiet, calm, coliky, or fussy,  they might be a great latcher at first and then struggle after a month. They may fuss and arch and seem dissatisfied at the breast. Together we can navigate all of this and help you feel grounded and supported on this parenting journey. 

The best you can do is plan for support that will align with your goals and reach out to them quickly, before little issues become bigger.