Bettering Newborn Care for Alexandria Families

Bettering Newborn Care for families in Alexandria

Bringing families in Alexandria exceptional newborn care has always been one of our greatest accomplishments. We think that every family should have at one point, for at least one day or one night have some care for their family in their home to help them enjoy their postpartum recovery.

Newborn care to help families thrive through postpartum recovery

Postpartum recovery with a newborn baby can be difficult. They sleep at weird times and not when you typically sleep, they eat often and they poop out of their diaper… in addition to that you are recovering from childbirth, managing the emotions of adjusting to parenting and all of the changes and responsibilities that comes with it.

Bringing home a new baby is a big exciting change.

What does expert newborn care include?

Excellent newborn care that goes above and beyond does not just include newborn care. It includes help with safe sleep, sleep shaping to gently get your baby sleeping better, emotionally support you and your family through this transition. Yes, it includes things such as baby chores and washing bottles, breastfeeding support, bottle feeding support, baby milestones, and all things that come with parenting.

How can you utilize newborn care for your family?

Utilizing newborn care support from postpartum doulas can look however you need it to look! That means that some families utilize professional postpartum support 3-4 nights a week for a few weeks or months after their baby or babies arrive. Some families utilize postpartum doula support 1 night a week here and there as needed when family or their partner is away. Some families utilize overnight care simply as needed. Some families utilize daytime care for a week, take a week off when family is able to come and then begin support again when family leaves again. Whatever your family’s unique situation, there are postpartum support options that fit your needs and goals.

Experienced, compassionate, postpartum support is only a phone call away.