Birth Options for Front Royal Women

Front Royal Options for Expecting Families

The beautiful Shenandoah Valley is a great place to start your family. As you settle into the idea of a growing family from two to three, or three to four or more the next steps are providers, birth locations, doulas, nursery set up, names, and... birthing locations.

There are so many options for families in the area if you're willing to go a little farther. Warren Memorial Hospital is a birthing options, adding a doula to your provider team can help you and your partner feel comfortable, confident and prepared to be come parents (epidural or not!).

What are your Front Royal Birthing Options?

Some families want a place that is more in line with their plans of a natural child birth. Winchester Medical Center, also part of Valley Health, is one of the best places to give birth in the Shenandoah Valley Area. There are also two out of hospital birth centers local to pregnant Front Royal families, Marshall Midwifery & Birth Center and Premier Birth Center in Winchester. Front Royal does have a hospital, Warren Memorial Hospital, but if you are looking for a location that is unconditionally supportive of your natural childbirth goals and a high level NICU you may want to consider, Winchester Medical Center. The great thing about options is that you get to pick who makes you feel comfortable, supported and safe.

What will happen with Warren Memorial Hospital's L&D in 2020?

Valley Health System and Warren Memorial Hospital (WMH) has announced their intent to begin construction in 2018 on a new, contemporary medical campus on Leach Run Parkway in Warren County. If the project proceeds as planned, Valley Health anticipates the new facility will open in late 2020! That's exciting right, but they do not plan to include an L&D unit in the new location, so this means that women in Front Royal looking to deliver in the area will need to travel. What are your hospital options? Winchester Medical Center, of course, and their facility is fabulous and working really hard on changes that improve maternity care and support. It is a bit of a drive to Winchester from the Front Royal area, but not too far, especially for first time moms. The other option is NOVANT Health Haymarket, which is also about a 40 min drive from Front Royal. When the time comes, feel free to reach out to our team to talk about the ins and outs of each location!

UPDATE: The L&D of Front Royal will be closed starting in May of 2018 and families who previously planned to deliver at Warren Memorial in Front Royal will need to deliver at Winchester Medical Center. Contact us if you have any questions! Learn more about birthing at Winchester Medical Center.

Nothing beats a great provider, great support team, and a great partner for a fabulous birth!