Birth Plan Template

Looking for a Birth Plan Template?

Birth "plans"... is it necessary? Do you need one? No, not really. A birth vision on the other hand is very helpful for you and your support team.

Birth rarely goes as planned, so having a strict plan can cause frustration and disappointment when you deviate from them. Whether things change out of medical necessity or by how things start or don't start, a birth vision or preference sheet will help you feel put together, ready and know that your whole team is on the same page!

Our team has a combined 15+ years of experience, countless hours of training and certifications and with this we bring you the Virginia is for Doulas birth plan template. It's simple, medical staff approved, and easy to understand. It was created to help you think about and communicate your most important wishes for your birth.

This baby will only be born once and from this day you will emerge a mother! So, what is important for you during labor? Movement? Monitoring? Avoiding medications? Utilizing medications? What are your pain management options and which ones line up with your goals? What about pushing? What about rigt after baby?

Sit with your provider and ask them any questions you might have and they will walk you through it. Your Labor Doula will also have extensive knowledge of your birthing facility and will be able to tell you what policies are in place regarding birth, pushing, and postpartum.

Birh plan goals: To clearly communicate your most important wishes or goals to the staff and team. To help your partner understand your goals and wishes. To help the team know your preferences if/when things change. To help you think less in labor so you can focus on having your baby!

Feel free to download our birth plan template for use during your delivery. 

Download our Birth Plan Template here: vifd-birth-vision-sheet