Breastfeeding Support Group in Winchester, VA

Support group for breastfeeding and lactation in Winchester!

Virginia is for Doulas fully supports all parenting choices, we support you non-judgementally in the parenting philosophy that fits your family’s needs best. Through that part of what we do is offer a breastfeeding support group that is open to expecting parents, those who are breastfeeding their babies, pumping for their babies or doing mixed feeding.

Why is breastfeeding support important?

Breastfeeding support is important because it is not always straight forward for everyone and surrounding yourself with support is ideal. Surrounding yourself with other people who are breastfeeding, pumping, or mixed feeding is validating and will help you on your journey.

Another aspect of our group that is important is that it is a good idea to sit and gather with other parents. You will build a community and find other parents to walk with you along this parenting journey.

Is this a judgy or “ disapproving” breastfeeding group?

Absolutely not. We fully believe in providing support for where each family is at and support that will help them achieve THIER goals. Support may look like helping you find a system to pump, or improving latch, being with others who are also breastfeeding their children and so much more. We will not only focus on breatfeeding your baby, because that can be counter productive. We will support you exactly where you are at and help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself, whatever those looks like.

What can you expect at our breastfeeding support group?

A warm, loving environment with support and other community moms lead by our CLCs with tea and snacks! Lap babies welcome! We hold our support group once a month and you can find our upcoming events on our events page to make sure you do not miss one!

Virginia is for Douals serves families with in home lactation support in Loudoun, Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley, so if you cannot make our support group or are in need of personalized visits, reach out to us.