Bringing Home Your Second Baby

Bringing a new baby home is challenging for any family.

Getting your home perfect and prepared to bring home baby is stressful, even if this isn't your first time introducing a baby to your space.

Having your second child with a growing little one at home isn't for the faint of heart.

Every parent that is introducing their second baby to their first has similar concerns about how their kids will feel and if the transition will go smoothly.

Generally speaking, children don't take well to change.

The biggest task at hand is to bring home baby with minimal upset to your family's daily routine, which will take a bit of extra planning on your part. Look to your postpartum doula support system for a little guidance about the transition and ways to make your life at home a lot easier.

Before baby arrives, a few small changes and preparations will make a big difference.

In the few weeks before your due date, start prepping nutritious meals that can be frozen and quickly heated on busy days home postpartum. Having these dinners on hand will help keep your meal schedule on track and your older children fed on time.

Your postpartum doula can pop one of your dinners in the oven while you catch a nap or read your older kids a story while baby sleeps. This is a huge time saver that you'll be glad you did.

Plan the introduction of your second baby and what responsibilities your older children will have when the newest addition arrives.

Throughout your pregnancy, communicate about the new baby to your older children. Encouraging your kids to interact with your growing belly and positive reinforcements about the importance of their role as a big brother or sister will minimize the shock of a new baby.

Positive reassurances like "the baby loves when you read to him" or "you're going to be the best feeding helper when the baby gets here" go a long way. Give your kids a role or purpose and they will take charge of their sibling responsibilities, cutting down on the surge of jealousy when they're competing for attention.

Reward good behavior and have patience on days they might be feeling a little more frustrated. Switching up the baby care they're allowed to help with will keep them interested in helping out.

Take the time each day to reconnect and bond with your older children.

Having the help of a postpartum doula around the house will free up time during the week to spend some quality time with your first baby. Make it a point to have a playdate with your older kids to keep them feeling important.

Plan ahead a fun box of activities for you to do with your older children to make playtime even more special and something for them to look forward to.

 Bringing home your new baby might be stressful, but it's exciting!

 A little extra planning and a lot of patience will take the worry out of introducing your new baby to your kids. Your postpartum doula is there to help support your family during this transition, making it easier for parents to manage their time and life around the house.