Bringing Your Baby Home: What to Expect

You have spent the last few days admiring tiny toes and fingers and getting to know your fresh newborn...

Now it is time to go home, or if you delivered at home the midwife and team have left, now what? Who will help with all the settling in and questions? Who will help you transition in the days between those pediatrician baby visits and care provider postpartum follow ups? Your postpartum doula will! A postpartum doula can be helpful in many ways, some you might know some you might not know about.

Imagine coming home from the hospital with an extra set of hands to get dinner going, fresh laundry folded, help you with feeding and settling in while answering your most important questions.

That is what bringing your baby home can look like with the support of a postpartum doula.

Imagine expert, non-judgemental support through out the first few days or weeks of your recovery and transition to parenting a new little one. You will know you are doing the best job you can, you will have your questions answered, you will feel confident, you will be nourished with good food not just for dinner, but breakfast and lunch. You will sleep at night knowing your baby is cared for and brought to you when needed. You will have a best friend by your side to chat during those 2 am feedings, or someone to help with those night feedings while you sleep for more than 2  hours at a time.

When you choose our Welcome Home package, your postpartum doula will meet you at home or leave from the hospital with you and our postpartum doulas are available 24/7 for as much support as you want. You can have constant support the whole first day from the moment you arrive home till the next morning when you wake with breakfast ready to eat. 

Those early days are unpredictable, they may be easy, they may be hard, but your postpartum doula can help make them more predictable for you. Your baby may be fussy or happy or both. You may not be adjusting emotionally or physically as you expected. Sometimes partners have to return to work much faster than desired and you will be home with this new baby. Knowing that you can have support all throughout the day for the little things like dishes, laundry, shopping, appointments, comfort, companionship, nourishment, and goal accomplishing will let you focus on recovery and bonding with baby.

We are ready to help you settle in during your first day home. Virginia is for Doulas serves families in Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Winchester, and Harrisonburg, Virginia. Contact us today to hear how we can support your specific needs.