Can I Still Hire a Placenta Encapsulator if I Have a Cesarean?

A common question that moms and inquiring clients ask is, "Can I still encapsulate with a planned or unplanned cesarean?". The simple answer to this is yes, absolutely! What exactly does the process look like though and is it different from having a vaginal birth? The process is the same as a vaginal birth, except that often you know ahead of time when baby will be here. Where to begin. Find the best placenta encapsulator in your area. Find one with experience, that communicates and responds quickly, that has adequate training and OSHA standards, and will give you all the support you need for postpartum recovery.

Virginia is for Doulas sends all of our Placenta Encapsulation clients a placenta kit. This kit includes:

  • Cooler kit
  • Storage bags
  • Contact and storage instructions
  • Timeline expectations for the delivery day

With a vaginal birth, you're waiting and waiting on baby's arrival so you do not know when the big day will be. With a planned cesarean, you will inform your placenta encapsulator of the expected date and time of delivery. When your little one is finally here, notify your placenta specialist per their instructions. If you are choosing to have the specialist encapsulate in their workspace, the placenta will be picked up that day. If you are choosing to have your placenta encapsulated in your home, separate instructions will be given and arrangements will be made for the encapsulator to meet someone at your home to begin the process.

For the big day. Be sure to notify your provider prenatally that you are encapsulating your placenta and include your wishes in your birth plan so that the nurses will package the placenta after the delivery.

Anecdotal benefits of placenta encapsulation are an increase in milk supply, increase in energy, decrease in postpartum bleedingdecrease in baby blues, emotional balance and more. It is also important to understand that each woman's placenta pills work differently for her, but many women find the benefits to be just what they need for their recovery.

Virginia is for Doulas is proud to support your postpartum recovery through placenta encapsulation. Our placenta specialists are also trained and certified postpartum doulas, ready to answer your questions and offer additional support should you want or need it.