Childbirth Education Class to Prepare you for Birth at Winchester Medical Center

Ready to welcome your baby at Winchester Medical Center?

Photo Credit:  The Kents Photography

Photo Credit: The Kents Photography

Virginia is for Doulas offers an amazing “ Birth Unlocked” Childbirth Education Class that will help you fully understand birth and preparing to welcome your baby at Winchester Medical Center.

How is this childbirth class different than a standard class?

This class will give you the real ins and outs of delivering your baby at your chosen birthing location, help you understand what to expect and how to achieve your goals. This class will be interactive with our Childbirth Educator who has up to date information, teaching tools and hands on tips and tricks for staying comfortable and getting through labor.

Is this class just for unmedicated birth or natural birth?

While this class will briefly cover your medication options, it will mostly focus on getting through labor without pain medication. We are not anti- epidural, but you will learn in our childbirth education class how to use the epidural as a tool to help you achieve your goals if you need one or want one in labor. But what to do before you get your epidural? What to do before you get to the hospital? How to know when labor has officially started and is here to stay? You will learn exactly how to understand, navigate and stay comfortable in labor before you arrive at Winchester Medical Center.

What does” unlocking birth” mean?

We see birth portrayed in the media or learn of it through stories that we hear. But that does not allow you to UNDERSTAND labor and birth start to finish. To unlock birth, you must understand the basics, what to expect, what your options and choices are, how to navigate making choices, how to stay comfortable in labor, delivery, newborn basics and breastfeeding basics.

Learning ALL of the potential keys you have available so that you can pick the ones that fit your values the most!

How are Childbirth Education Classes still relevant?

Childbirth is so unique to each individual. In today’s society we have lost a great deal of human connection and human connection is so essential to birth. Birth is fueled by the hormone oxytocin. Learning and sharing in a group class with other expectant couples creates a bond of confidence and excitement for your upcoming journey of birth.

Understanding childbirth and how to fully achieve your goals, will be invaluable to you and your partner!

Our Doulas and Childbirth Educators have years of experience supporting families birthing at Winchester Medical Center and we look forward to bringing you information about enjoying your birth experience!

To learn more about birthing at Winchester Medical Center or our favorite providers etc see our complete blog list! Winchester Medical Center has fabulous statistics and wonderful nursing staff, we cannot wait to share the ins and outs with you!