Childbirth Education for Leesburg Families

Are you looking for a Childbirth Education Class that is not only up to date, but tailored to your unique pregnancy?

The Virginia is for Doulas team has been serving families in pregnancy and parenting for a combined 10+ years. We strive to be the best and what we promise to bring you is an experience of support and comfort and action. Our classes are not outdated, we are up to speed with the providers and policies of all INOVA and Winchester hospitals. As you navigate pregnancy and parenting, what are your options for delivery? What can you expect during your first, second and third trimesters? What do you really need to know about delivery, interventions, doulas, partner support, pushing, tearing, oxygen, epidurals, laboring unmedicated, first latch, postpartum bleeding, postpartum recovery for both parents, getting baby to sleep and so much more?

Childbirth Education can help you answer all of those questions in a way that is not overwhelming and perfect for you.

Learning in a relaxed environment with our Childbirth Educator, who has more than 6 years of experience teaching parents all about pregnancy, birth and babies, will ensure that you are the focus of the class.

Ask those questions you've been tempted to google, but instead get an expert answer that fits your unique situation.

Learn how to reach your goals for delivery and immediate postpartum.

Learn what questions you should be asking now or what needs to go on your birth plan.

Learn about how you can support your partner as she gives birth.

Learn all about pushing and preventing tearing.

Learn about common interventions, why they need to happen, why they don't, and how to open up communication with your provider to be involved in your delivery.

Learn how you can take charge and be educated to experience an empowered delivery that is perfect for you.

Learn about induction, cesarean, baby positions and movement in labor, all the HOWs, WHENs, and WHYs of pregnancy and childbirth.

Our 6 hour private childbirth education class will set you up for success, self advocacy, self empowerment and bonding over your coming bundle of joy.

Class options include a GROUP weekend class or PRIVATE Class day session to complete your 5 hours of learning, growing, and planning. See our direct Childbirth Education Page  to schedule your private class at a convenient time for you and your partner. For a full list of class descriptions or to register for a group class please visit our Childbirth Education Page.