Chiropractic Adjustments for my Newborn?

Chiropractic Care for Newborns?

I sat down with Dr. Celeste of Berryville Family Chiropractic this week to get to know her and her practice a little better. Wow am I impressed! I'm a big believer in chiropractic care, not just because I've seen it work on my daughter, but also myself. When my daughter was just five days old she had her first adjustment by Dr. Darrell of Active Health Chiropractic in Stephens City. She was having trouble nursing on one side because her range of motion in her neck was decreased on the right side. I saw a baby that was able to move easier, she fussed less, and nursing was not as painful on that right side anymore.

I asked Dr. Celeste some questions I find to be most important for interested parents. Here is what she had to say. Dr. Celeste and I are both part of an up and coming non-profit called Valley Onesource which provides resources for growing an

d new families in the Shenandoah Valley.

What do you think is most important to know when considering chiropractic care for your newborn?

Most important is setting them up right from the beginning. Often newborns do not need any adjustments, but having a simple evaluating done can help determine if baby will need an adjustment or not. Of course, should things change or issues arise later on, parents can always come back

How often does a newborn typically need to be adjusted?

How often a newborn needs adjusted really depends on each baby. Some only need a few adjustments, some will need a more detailed plan to help align their spine. Dr. Celeste will work with parents to make sure they know what to expect and what the care will look like for their newborn.

What can parents expect from chiropractic care for their newborn?

Parents can expect to have a lot of open communication with Dr. Celeste. Support for their new baby and overall health for their little one and themselves.

Are there special reasons you would suggest a newborn have chiropractic care?

  •  Colic
  • Nursing trouble which can look like many different things
  • A baby that spits up more than expected
  • A fussy baby
  • A baby born by cesarean, vacuum or forceps or with a lot of maneuvering

How can parents get started?

Call the office today and set up a time to talk with Dr. Celeste to look over your newborn and create a plan that works for your baby. Phone: 540-955-3355 Website:

We appreciate all that Dr. Celeste does to keep moms and babies healthy and well adjusted so that they can reach their full potential!