Choosing a Pediatrician in Winchester, VA

This is your baby, choosing the perfect pediatrician is important.

Where to even begin choosing a pediatrician for your children? Parents all have different expectations, needs, and desires for the doctor that they work with for the health of their children. Families in Winchester have a few options for pediatricians, this is about picking one that works for you and your baby. 

Most families begin looking for a pediatrician during the second trimester of pregnancy, this enables them to get into an office that fits their needs most. Some providers have a waiting list, some do not, so it is important to consider this when timing the provider consultation.

How to choose a pediatrician?

Some families start by asking friends and family for pediatrician referrals, that is one way to go about it. However, what works for one family may not work for the next family. Word of mouth referrals for pediatricians are important, but taking a deeper look at what is most important is the next step in choosing a pediatrician. 

Which hospitals are these pediatricians affiliated with?

Will they need to see new patients within 24 hours or 1 week?

Will this pediatrician allow a delayed vaccination schedule?

Does this pediatrician have basic bottle and breastfeeding knowledge?

Does this pediatrician have a referral base for postpartum newborn support?

Does this pediatrician have an after hours nurse line?

Does this pediatrician understand religious preferences of their patients?

Does this pediatrician have knowledge of intact and circumcision care?

There are many important questions to ask when searching for a pediatrician.

What is most important when picking a pediatrician?

Each family has something unique that is most important for them when picking a pediatrician. Just as no two pregnancies are alike  and no two children are alike. One family may find responsiveness important. One family may find different options in the office important. One family may find flexibility important while other families find consistency to be most important to them when choosing a pediatrician.

Interviewing Pediatricians

There is nothing better than spending time with potential pediatricians. Families should ask them questions, get to know them, and find the best pediatrician for their family.  BabyCenter has one of the best Pediatrician Interview Checklist that is downloadable and easy to utilize during a pediatrician interview.

Pediatrician options in Winchester, Virginia

Families have several options in Winchester for their family pediatrician. They are unique and different and one of them will be perfect for each family who chooses to utilize their care. Winchester Pediatric Clinic, Pediatric Associates of Winchester, and Blue Ridge Pediatrics are all options for a pediatrician in Winchester, Virginia.

Are pediatricians the only options in Winchester?

Some families choose not to utilize a pediatrician for the general care of their infant. The CDC prefers families to work with Pediatricians for care, however, there are other options for family care besides a Pediatrician. A General Care Provider like a Family Physician, a General Practitioner, or a Chiropractor for newborn/infant care. At the end of the day families should choose what works best for their family.

Feeling overwhelmed about this? Schedule a prenatal planning session with one of our Doulas to have someone help you walk through it step-by-step.