Dads: You Have A Baby on The Way

Partners, this is for you!

You've received the exciting news that a baby is on the way! Maybe you're a mix of excited, nervous, cautious, and ready to go all out. All of those feelings are okay! This is a big transition and while you are not growing the baby, you'll be there the whole time as your partner's main support person.

You want to be the best support you can be, which your partner loves, but are you wondering where to start?

Where do you start?

For the goal setter and the one that just wants to do what needs done:

  • Consider a Doula: She can give you direct suggestions that you can implement in pregnancy and during childbirth to help your partner feel comfortable and secure.
  • Visit a Birth & Beer night: Gather with dads-to-be just like you and experienced dads who have supported their partner through childbirth. Get the exact answers to your specific questions you have.

For the interactive dad who just wants to hear all of the stories and experiences and what worked for other dads:

  • Get a Doula! You have your own personal assistant to help you and your partner on this exciting journey? You can't go wrong with someone who feels like family but helps you all feel included and ready for the big day!
  • Try one of the Birth & Beer nights out! If nothing else you'll meet some great dads that you can get to know more in the future.

For the dad who wants his partner to be taken care of exactly how she wants and you are supported so that the whole process is smooth:

  • Again adding a Doula to your team is a wonderful idea. Here is why. You spend time focusing on the family, your little one on the way, your partner, and it can be hard to ensure you are feeling supported as well. If your partner feels secure, so do you. If your partner is supported, so are you. If your partner is at ease, so are you. This is what a doula can do for your team.

For the dad who is into the research, the evidence, the answers, the expertise and the absolute best for their parter:

  • A Doula: You do not know exactly what to expect with the birth of your child, by adding a Doula to your team you now have an expert with years of experience ready to answer your questions, help you find resources, and navigate changes and create a plan for the big day.
  • A Childbirth Education or Newborn Care Class: This is a wealth of knowledge, knowing what to expect during the different stages of labor, what is normal, what you can do during each stage to help, what comes after the baby. Sometimes not knowing what to expect makes us feel uneasy, by having this class in your corner, you have a good idea of what to expect and how to navigate everything that comes up.

Whatever it is that you need to feel ready and confident to become a new father- we have the best resources available for you! Contact us for dates and more information.