Does Placenta Encapsulation Prevent Postpartum Depression?

One of your friends tells you about placenta encapsulation to prevent postpartum depression, you figure its worth looking into. I'll tell you right now, Placenta Encapsulation is no guarantee to prevent postpartum depression. However, it is a guarantee that you will feel supported and there is truth to the anecdotal benefits at the very least.

Why is the postpartum period so hard in America? What can we do to change and improve postpartum recovery for new moms? Most women spend hours preparing for their birth, they take the childbirth education class, they have their doula, the birth plan, the best provider and everything is all set up for baby.

What about everything that happens *after* the baby has arrived?

  • Recovery from a vaginal or cesarean birth
  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of sleep
  • Emotional adjustments to being a mother
  • Physical adjustments to being a mother to one or two children
  • Emotional adjustments to being a mother to one or two children or more
  • Emotional recovery from the birth
  • Adjustment to caring for a newborn when there is a big "to do list"
  • The real struggle of take a shower, nap, or eat while baby sleeps

The reality is that postpartum can be a challenging adjustment for not only mom, but the entire family.

Why not optimize your recovery in all the ways that you can?

Placenta encapsulation is a fantastic addition to your postpartum recovery. While it is true that no scientific studies completely back the benefits of placenta encapsulation, they are working on some that will be finalized soon and the anecdotal benefits are astounding.

Women who encapsulate their placentas find that they have:

  • A freshly cleaned kitchen
  • A kitchen that smells like lemon and ginger
  • More energy
  • A feeling of ease and security
  • An easier transition postpartum
  • Boosted mood
  • Help boosting milk production
  • Balanced hormones

Have you thought about adding Placenta Encapsulation to your recovery? Talk to us about how it can benefit you.