Does This Baby Come with a Manual?

Does this baby come with a manual? 

We wish! But we have something close to that.

When the time comes for you to plan what your postpartum recovery will look like, don't forget to consider your emotional needs, not just your physical and nutritional. We passionately believe in supporting the family transition from even before you see those two pink lines, until months after the arrival of your little one(s). Pregnancy is a time of learning, but once your baby is in your arms... then what?

Picture an expert, trained by ProDoula to encapsulate your placenta in a safe manner, but also a resource right there for you to ask all of your questions to. Once you leave the hospital, you will see your Pediatrician and then your OB or Midwife at 6 weeks postpartum, if you delivered with an out of hospital midwife you will see her more, but a lot can happen in between those visits.  While you navigate the new days and nights with a newborn, add to your team and really make the experience wonderful.

How does that relate to Placenta Encapsulation?

First and foremost you can expect professionalism and unmatched quality from all of our Postpartum Placenta Specialists. When you think about your baby, you look for the best, with Virginia is for Doulas placenta encapsulation services, you get nothing but the best. You don't know what your postpartum recovery will look like physically or mentally, so we suggest preparing and utilizing the resources around you to get a head start.

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists, come to you. Thats right not only do you have a professional, clean, safe service, but you have a resource right there to talk to in those early days postpartum. Questions our PE clients ask range from questions about bleeding, the return of their cycle to breastfeeding, latching, and introducing a bottle. Whatever it is, be it a question about breastfeeding, or simply needing to talk to someone about your recovery, our Postpartum Placenta Specialists have an answer and offer you support in the ways that you need.

That is what is unique about our Placenta Encapsulation Services. You are worth it. And we look forward to supporting your recovery and transition to parenthood. We provide Placenta Encapsulation to Harrisonburg, Leesburg, Winchester, and Fairfax families.