Doula Agency Produces Cesarean Birth Education Class

Introducing the Cesarean Birth Education Class for Winchester, VA Families

We are so excited you found your way to our introduction about our new Childbirth Education Class. Virginia is for Doulas' owner, Tiffany Shank, ProDoula CD Labor, P& ICD, CCE, created this class because it is part of her mission to support all families in Winchester, Virginia who are planning to birth naturally to families planning a cesarean to everything in-between. Families can be at ease knowing that they can plan, prepare and be excited about the birth of their baby(s) by cesarean.

"There is no one right way to give birth, but there is the chance to be informed and education. This helps families feel ready and to minimize fears and concerns they have surrounding the big day!"

What the Cesarean Birth Education Class is all about

Pulling from experience and collaboration, we created this class curriculum to help families feel ready from weeks before their scheduled cesarean to the days after their baby's arrival. Our class focuses on understanding what to expect, how to plan, the details, options for your cesarean at WMC, and communicating with your provider and staff to make this birth more of your own. We will be offering this class starting in December 2017 in a group setting. This enables families to build community and connect with families birthing around the same time or who have similar experiences. We will talk about options, preparing, options in OR and PACU and more.

While many families who are planning a natural birth or even a medicated delivery have many options, many classes to choose from in preparation for their birth. We feel that families who are in need of a repeat cesarean or a planned cesarean for whatever reason deserve to feel prepared, understand their options, and options for future pregnancies.

Our CB CBE class is a 3 hour class that will be offered on Saturdays to enable the partner to join. For more information visit our Childbirth Education Page or contact the office at Register for your class here.