Doula Support is for Dads Too

Some of the most common questions we get in an intake call from parents interested in Labor Doula support for their birth is ,what does the dad get to do? Does the Doula take the dad's place? Will the Doula help the dad support me? The answer to this question is simple. This is your birth and your partner is included as much as you are both comfortable with. Dads and partners bring the love and passion for this baby to support you and your doula will help them enhance their passion by adding in her expertise at supporting birthing families.

Each of our doulas understand the importance of this special day for your family. When you hire Virginia is for Doulas we support the whole family, whether you have questions about pregnancy, labor support, stages of labor, or how can you support your partner in labor, your doula team will answer your questions perfectly. As the big day draws near, your doula team will meet with you and your partner to discuss your birth wishes and how he can be involved in the birthing process.

There is no right way to do be involved, it is about what you are both comfortable with. While you focus on laboring your doula is not only supporting and reassuring you, but also your partner. An understanding look and reassuring word that what you are doing or how you are vocalizing is normal. Your doula will help you interpret medical terms and procedures during the decision-making process. Your doula will help with the counter pressure and stay with the you while your partner makes a phone call to family or catches some fresh air. In those moments during and immediately after birth your doula will ensure that you are both fed, hydrated and settling in well. Your doula will answer all of your questions before she leaves you and your partner after your baby has arrived.

With our postpartum doula support, our doulas will ensure that dad is adjusting well to life with a newborn. The extra set of hands will give you a chance to bond as a family while all the little things are taken care of by a professional you can trust.

The support your receive from our doulas will show you what it is like to feel supported and confident in your birth and postpartum decisions. Breathe easy knowing that you have a team who can help make those moments of childbirth and parenting that are unpredictable, more predictable for you.