Our Doulas and Loudoun Community Midwives

Teaming up with Loudoun Community Midwives

As an agency, we love to work with the midwives of Loudoun Community Midwives, their work in supporting women shows in what they have done for women planning to bring their babies into this world with their support. Options are important. If you are in the Berryville/Leesburg/Lansdowne area and your goals are to work with Midwives in hospital for your prenatal care, we cannot recommend Loudoung Community Midwives enough. They deliver at StoneSprings Hospital now, and previously supported families delivering at INOVA Loudoun.

Do I need a Doula if I hire a Midwife?

A common question I often hear in the intake call. The answer is yes and no. You do not need a doula to have an amazing, empowering birth, but the support of a doula certainly impacts your birth. Feeling completely supported by your midwives and confident in their ability to monitor yours and baby's health and wellbeing allows your doula to completely support your emotional, educational, and physical needs. Your doula is also there for your partner, they have questions, concerns, and want to be involved as well, your doula can do that, your midwife is not able to do that as well as she might like to do it.

Technically, yes, you need a doula if you have a midwife. The roles of Doulas and Midwives are different, but extremely complimentary. There will be moments where your midwife is not present in the room or where she is unable to answer your questions or completely focus on you because she must focus on baby, here is where your doula comes in handy.

A trained, experienced, professional, compassionate doula only there for you and your partner to help answer your questions, help you feel in control, help you understand the process, share the research and the latest guidelines, be a friend, a listening ear, and a non judgmental support system in a world of varying opinions. 

"Is it time to go to the hospital?" Ask your Doula

"Am I really in labor?" Let your doula help you figure that out

"Should you rest or walk?" Talk to your Doula

"My baby seems to be in a funky position, is that okay?" Talk to your Doula

"You are feeling anxious about the birth or recovery." Talk to your Doula

"Nervous about your blood pressure being taken?" Your doula will calm you while they take a reading

"Your partner isn't sure what to do next." Your doula will guide them

I could go on, but the support of a Labor Doula goes far beyond the support she gives you during the labor and birth. It is there leading up to the big day, during the big day or days, and after as you work to adjust to a new normal.

Compassion. Trust. Reliability. Virginia's finest.

Our entire team loves to work with Loudoun Community Midiwves and we enjoy the new location at StoneSprings!