Doulas and Medical Staff: Our Promise to You

Virginia is for Doulas has a promise to nurses and providers

To the medical professionals: Nurses, Doctors, and Midwives that the Doulas of Virginia is for Doulas have the pleasure to work with here is our promise to you.

We don't know what all of your experiences with Doulas have been, but when a Doula from our team walks into your facility know this: we offer respect and a team approach. 

Every doula from our team has a name tag or a Virginia is for Doulas t-shirt and will introduce themselves as soon as possible. We proudly have a team of Doulas that are all exceptionally trained with basic training and extended training to improve our care and support

We promise to respect your training and years of expertise.

We promise to provide evidenced-based pregnancy and parenting educational resources to our clients when they ask.

We promise to respect your space and suggestions for your patient care.

We promise not to question your medical decisions for a plan of care for your patients.

We understand that your primary concern is the health and safety of both of your patients: mom and baby.

We work hard to keep up with each facilities policies and practices so that we can help our clients know what to expect and so that our doulas can stay within those guidelines

Our clients hire us for unmatched, professional support for their pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery and that is exactly what we do. We support our clients within our scope and focus on a healthy mind, healthy tranistion of both parents.

Whether our clients choose an unmedicated birth, an induction, a medicated birth, or a scheduled cesarean, we support them 100% without judgement.

We build a relationship with our clients throughout pregnancy to learn their hopes, goals, and understanding of birth. When we meet them in labor to support them we remember their goals and encourage communication between you, their medical team and themselves.

Our goal is to support our clients and with that we want you to feel at ease knowing that any Doula from Virginia is for Doulas has a goal of non biased support for our clients and utmost respect for you as a doctor, midwife or nurse.