Doulas Do Not Replace Partners

That’s right, Birth Doulas do not replace partners

Doula support is invaluable and we talk about it often, the evidence on Doulas is out and in support of Doulas. Families seek birth doulas to help them achieve their birth goals, feel grounded during the process, and have access to IN THE MOMENT, valuable information to help you make choices and navigate birth.

Doulas are not very well known in some areas, they havent “ caught on” if you will, and often times that is because the benefits of a Doula are unknown to the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia, but often times it is due to a misconceptions about Birth Doula Support.

The biggest misconception about Doulas is that they come into your birthing space, take charge, push your partner out of the way and/or argue with your chosen care provider. Here at Virginia is for Doulas our experienced team knows that when you choose a provider, you choose them because you trust them and we also know that we are not licensed medical professionals. While, yes, we understand a lot about normal birth and complications, it is not our field of expertise. We promise to stay within our scope of practice and work to support you with emotional, physical and educational support every step of the way, no matter where or how you choose to birth.

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Birth is amazing, raw, emotional, unpredictable, exciting and exhausting. Each birth is a different experience and Doulas understand birth, the different scenarios and variations that can happen and knows how to calmly navigate birth in its many unique differences.

Your partner can never be replaced, they add something unique and special to your support that a Doula just cannot offer, but we can come along side your partner and make the experience better for both of you.

Your Doula will help your partner know what to expect for birth from those first contractions to going to your birthing location to settling in to staying comfortable during active labor/transition/pushing all the way to welcoming your baby!

Your Doula has the magic touch, we know the massages, when to use the counter pressure, the hip squeezes and we know what tips will help at what times.

And most importantly, Doulas support you and your partner in achieving your birth goals and ensuring that no matter how you birth, you feel supported, grounded and cared for every step of the way.

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