Dreading the Transition Back to Work

Everyone's maternity leave is different.

Some women are whisked back to work after a few short weeks and other new moms have several months! Regardless how long your maternity leave is, most of us have to head back to work eventually and it's definitely not fun.

The sheer thought of waking up, getting ready and to work on time after being awake all night with a fussy baby seems near impossible.

Not only are the logistics of getting yourself up in the morning hard to wrap your mind around, but what about this horrible guilty feeling? It's hard to not feel guilty that you have to leave your precious little one in someone else's care all day long without you.

Where do you begin?

Like with everything, practice makes perfect.

Give your new routine a test run. It'll take the shock out of that first early morning wake up and get your body started on your new sleep pattern and morning routine. Starting your childcare a week before you need to return to work will help break that guilty feeling and get you used to saying goodbye to baby in the morning.

Planning and practicing about a week ahead will make the transition easier on your mind and body. Your postpartum doula can also be a big helping hand as you pack up your baby's supplies to drop them off at daycare and to help you get on a pumping schedule.

What about those bad days?

Everyone is entitled to having some bad days. 

Returning to work is stressful and you're bound to worry that something might go wrong or just miss being home with your baby. Giving yourself the opportunity to step away from your work to take a walk and clear your mind throughout the day will keep you focused, calm and collected.

Keeping your work space clutter free will keep your mind clutter free!

Take fifteen minutes after your lunch break to reorganize and the rest of your day will breeze by. If you start feeling overwhelmed, take a break! Grab a cup of coffee and call your daycare if you're feeling particularly upset and they'll give you the assurance you need to feel refreshed.

It's okay to be upset.

Your employer and peers at work understand that it's weird to be back to work and a little communication goes a long way. Don't hesitate or be embarrassed to talk about how you're feeling. It'll help you get that feeling of guilt and separation anxiety off your chest and give you some clarity.

Communicate with your team at work how you're feeling and you'll get some additional support that will make a big difference as you transition back to work.

You made a little human being, you are spectacular!

You're stronger than you think.

Heading back to work won't be an easy feat, but armed with a good support system from your coworkers and doula team at home this transition will be a piece of cake.

Don't forget that self care and taking time for you is important through your journey as a working mom! Reach out when you feel overwhelmed and give yourself the opportunity to relax in short spurts throughout each day.