Finding a Pelvic Floor Specialist

Why would you consider a pelvic floor specialist? 

After childbirth many women experience issues directly related to pregnancy or from giving birth. The issues are uncomfortable and hard to deal with, but you are not alone and you can find a specialist to help you recover!

What issues would lead you to needing to find a pelvic floor specialist?

After childbirth, even if it was a smaller baby with a smooth delivery, some women experience issues such as pelvic floor pain, tailbone pain, Urinary Incontinence (Stress and Urge Incontinence), prolapse, lower back pain, scar tissue from a c-section, sexual function changes and more. It is not known if these issues are a direct result of pregnancy or actual delivery, but both certainly contribute. Hormones, muscle changes in the pelvis, pressure from your growing baby and uterus, and pressure on the pelvic floor muscles during delivery can all contribute. "The hormonal and physical effects of pregnancy and childbirth are the major reasons of urinary incontinence." After delivery, the most common pelvic floor issue is urinary issues such as needing to urinate often or with difficulty. Consider pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Feeling normal again

Many women express that they do not feel their normal selves after they deliver, with difficulty for sexuality after birth, urinary issues and pelvic pain that can make walking, sitting, standing an other daily activities difficult. There is help out there and there are pelvic floor experts to help with your post childbirth recovery. Once you begin to work with a PT and you may see results quickly or in a short time, this will give you hope that you are not alone and you can recover utilizing direction about pelvic floor exercises from your PT.

What to expect after working with a pelvic floor specialist?

Once you find a pelvic floor specialist, they will sit with you and talk about your specific issues, your therapy plan, what you can expect for recovery and more. You will feel at peace and relieved to know that there is an expert specifically to help you feel like you again. Your recovery will not happen over night, but with work, you will see a difference.

Finding a Pelvic Floor Specialist for you

 When you realize that your recovery after childbirth is not going as you expected, where do you turn to find a suitable pelvic floor specialist? If you specifically suffer with Diastasis Recti which can be directly connected to pelvic floor issues consider a mat class geared towards DR repair can be helpful. Look for a PT who is certified WCS (Women’s Health), additionally you want to find a specialist that has experience in the issues that you are currently experiencing. Ask them about their continuing education because most entry-level programs are not specific to pelvic floor support, so continuing education is important. Two of the largest continuing education training programs are the APTA Section on Women’s Health (SOWH) and Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. These would be fabulous additions to your chosen PT. Do not hesitate to interview your PT before choosing one to work with, you can find the best fit for you. We will not cover insurance in this blog, but many PTs will take insurance, but some will have to pay out of pocket, we promise it is worth it for you! You deserve to feel like you again.