Having a Baby: How Not to Miss Out on the Experience

Did you know that preparing for the arrival of your little one can be fun?

Childbirth Education Classes bring an environment that is fun, interactive, educational and relevant to the upcoming arrival of your child(ren). The unknowns of childbirth often spark women and their partners to seek a class that will help them prepare for the third trimester, labor and delivery, and early parenting. We have many options in Winchester for Childbirth Education Classes, but what sets us apart is that we don't focus only on natural childbirth and we dont focus on how hospitals are dangerous .  Let us tell you what our classes focus on.

Childbirth Education Classes focus on the whole picture

We would be doing you a disservice if you came to our class and walked away only knowing how to avoid interventions, deliver without an epidural, and how to breastfeed your baby.  We understand that birth rarely goes as planned, so it is essential to understand what you can about childbirth, how things happen, when they happen, why they happen and being prepared to navigate everything as it comes up. If you are looking to avoid interventions in childbirth the best way to do that is to understand what they all are and how they can be beneficial or harmful. It is also essential to open communication between you and your provider so that you play a big role in the decision making process of your care.

Our classes cover everything from prenatal discomforts and testing, to planning for your birth either unmedicated or medicated, to understanding all the intervention risks and benefits in childbirth, birth planning, postpartum planning, infant care, feeding and more! But this isn't just a boring class where we follow a workbook. We will have interactive discussions, hands on comfort measure, laboring, and care activities to keep this information fresh in your mind for when your little one(s) arrive!

Who is this Winchester Childbirth Education Class for?

This class is for first time, second time or more parents looking to alleviate fears, concerns, or understand the process of childbirth a little better or from a positive perspective. Our Childbirth Instructor has 5+ years of experience attending births at Winchester Medical Center and surrounding areas so not only are you receiving modern, up to date information regarding pregnancy and birth, you have first hand knowledge of your birthing facility and policies available to you.

This class is for families planning an epidural or a cesarean delivery at Winchester Medical Center. This class is for singleton or multiple parents looking to get vetted and valuable information about pregnancy, delivery, and parenting. This class is for families planning an unmedicated delivery  or a VBAC at Winchester Medical Center. This class is for families planning a birth center birth or a home birth, because this information is still relevant to you and the comfort measures and partner support do not change based on location!

Taking a Childbirth Education Class will help you feel prepared and informed regardless of where or how you plan or will give birth!