Help, I'm pregnant and I Have Low Iron

Low iron in pregnancy can be a pain, but you are not alone

It's just a thing, unfortunately, many that are pregnant struggle to keep their iron levels (hemoglobin and hematocrit) up during pregnancy. Your body is growing a human ( a brain, eyes, a circulatory system, endocrine system, the list goes on) and that places a lot of demands on your body.

What does low iron look like in pregnancy?

While first trimester exhaustion is real, sometimes your exhaustion goes beyond that, perhaps you're developing bruises as well. Fatigue is one of the most common and easily pin pointed signs of low iron in pregnancy. Cold hands and feet, pale skin, and easily bruising, heart palpitations are also some other symptoms of low iron.  While you may be able to function with your symptoms it will effect your pregnancy in that it will make it unenjoyable and could increase your risk for hemorrhage during and after delivery.  Diagnosis comes from a blood test that your prenatal provider can order a blood draw test during one of your visits or a separate visit can be scheduled to check your levels. Be sure to continue communication with your provider about how you are feeling and how you are improving once your pregnancy anemia diagnosis is given.

What to do next with anemia in pregnancy?

Typically, your provider will have you take an iron supplement. Look for a supplement that is not synthetic so that your body can easily absorb it and it will not contribute to pregnancy constipation, another common pregnancy discomfort.

Fabulous sources of natural, plant or animal based iron supplements: Floradix, Desiccated Liver, Hemoplex, NORA Pregnancy & Nursing Tea, and Cloraphyll. All four of those supplements are either plant or animal based and easily absorbed by the digestive system, which is already slowed during pregnancy, to enable you to better absorb the iron and help improve your anemia diagnosis. Our personal favorites are NORA Pregnancy & Nursing Tea from Mentha Brew, because you can make it hot or cold like iced tea and not only does the alfalfa boost your iron levels naturally, it has many other herbs that prepare your body for labor, helps reduce hemorrhage, B vitamins, supports your blood vessels, immune system and much more and all you do is add honey and drink away! Menta Brew will ship you a bag that should last your entire pregnancy! The Red Raspberry Leaf tea will help prepare your uterus for labor and delivery, which is just an added bonus.

When can I expect to feel better?

It is recommended that you stick to whatever regiment you are doing for the remainder of your pregnancy to enable your anemia to remain in check. Many women struggle with anemia prior to pregnancy and therefore struggle with anemia in pregnancy as well. Continuing all of your supplements and checking in with your provider can ensure that you get back to feeling more energetic (as energetic as a pregnant person can) and keep your anemia in check. It may resolve quickly with dedicated tea and supplement taking, or it may get a little better and only resolve once baby has arrived.