Help...My Baby is Teething

We all know that teething is coming, but what can you do to make it a better "ordeal". When that first little tooth begins to poke through, its a mix of excitement and " what do I do to comfort my baby?".  Your baby's first tooth! You'll post about it, you'll take pictures, and you'll look for comfort methods.

There are several remedies and helpful tips for a teething baby, but keep in mind that it will end soon when the tooth finally breaks through.

Is my baby teething?

You may notice that an increase in drool from your baby, this might cause a rash from the excess drool. This is often a first clue that your baby has started teething. Extra fussy and cuddly? Another point in the teething department. Food strike? Oddly enough sometimes they eat or nurse less during teething, this means you offer nursing and food as much as possible and maybe try a bottle to coax them into more. Are your baby's gums swollen and puffy? A sure sign of teething.

How to help my baby through teething?

Sometimes teething is easy for some babies, they drool, they chew on some toys, they get a little fussy, their teeth poke through and that's all. But often teething looks like, drool, fussy babies, sleepless or restless nights, chewing on everything possible, teething tablets, teething necklaces, ice, and rubbing gums.

What has worked?

Sometimes nothing "really" works, but it might make it a little better, it's worth a try right? Teething tablets, Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets, these are mine and our client's favorites. Amber teething necklace, this has been helpful for many parents, I wouldn't have survived without this. To find a teething necklace look for a local store like Fluffy Fannies if you are near Harrisonburg. Order online. Diluted clove oil can be helpful to rub on the gums as it is a natural pain reliever. Anything frozen, use a mesh teether and put frozen fruit or a piece of ice in there for your baby to chew on. And lots of snuggles and love.

Teething is part of growing up. Usually two teeth will come through when they break the surface it will be easier, after a little break it will begin again. What has worked for your little one when they began teething?