Homebirth Midwives & Hospital Midwives: How each one might benefit you

Homebirth Midwives and Hospital Midwives: What's the difference?

" I am pregnant." When those words finally ring true for you and the reality sinks in that parenthood is your next phase of life, the quest for knowledge, resources and a care provider begins. If you have decided that Midwifery Care is right for you, where do you find the perfect midwife for you? The care provider you choose plays an important role in allowing you to feel in control and comfortable.

What are the different options for Midwifery Care in Virginia?

Midwifery Care is more woman centered and appealing to women because of it's women centered care and excellent options for delivering. Where and how you desire to deliver are factors that come into play with deciding on which type of midwife would be the best addition to your team.

Hospital Midwifery Care, Certified Nurse Midwives

Midwifery Care in hospital is provided by Certified Nurse Midwives. They work in a practice with OBs or a back up OB and have hospital privileges that benefit you immensely. How does this benefit you? Birth does not always go as planned, but with in hospital midwifery care you can feel comfortable in the hospital with access to medications, augmentation tools, OB care, and access to a cesarean should you need or decide on one. You can also work with a midwife who practices the midwifery model of care, plan for an unmedicated delivery or medicated delivery and be in the hospital where you feel comfortable.

Out of hospital Care, Certified Nurse Midwives or Certified Professional Midwives

Midwives who provide midwifery care out of the hospital still follow the Midwifery Model of Care, they also believe in a more natural approach to pregnancy and childbirth overall. Some out of hospital (OOH) midwives have back up OBs to provide extensive care to their clients should they need. They may provide collaboration with OBs to enable patients to receive prenatal midwifery care and deliver with an OB in hospital because of their risk status. Some midwives do not have OB back ups, but still provide an excellent level of care to low-risk families who wish to deliver out of hospital. Certified Professional Midwives do have restrictions on their medication use such as pitocin, IV antibiotics, and oxygen due to VA licensing restrictions. A way around this is the assistance of Licensed RNs at delivery, which some CPMs utilize. Certified Nurse Midwives who can also attend out of hospital births have less restrictions due to their licensing and may or may not have RN assistance at delivery.

Which type of midwife or location to choose?

When considering the answer to this question, first consider where you want to deliver your baby. If out of hospital birth is out of your comfort zone or risk level to deliver out of hospital your choice of Midwife is a Certified Nurse Midwife in the hospital. Loudoun Community Midwives - a group practice of CNMs delivering at INOVA Loudoun or the Birthing Center attached to the hospital. Winchester OBGYN will add their third Midwife in the fall of 2017 and Winchester Women's Specialist has two Midwives in their practice. Hospital midwifery care can provide you with a sense of comfort if you plan to deliver with an epidural and a midwife, deliver unmedicated or have access to medications or procedures if you need them. Out of hospital midwifery care can allow you more options during delivery, such as catching your baby, water birth, and more family in the room. Out of hospital midwifery care is more natural focused and perfect for women who are looking for a very natural, normal approach to childbirth. A few options include Premier Birth Center in Winchester, VA, Blue Ridge Births, Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center in Marshall, VA, Brookhaven Women's Health and Natural Birth Center, and many more.

Pick your location, interview your options, and pick the perfect match for you!