Hospital Midwives for RMH in Harrisonburg

Midwifery Support at RMH

Take a moment to step inside that birth vision of yours, seeing your baby for the very first time, counting toes and fingers and being supported by the best team available to you. Obstetrical care is great, but many women wish to have midwifery care, but are not quiet comfortable delivering in a birth center or home. You can still have midwifery care and birth in a location that makes you feel comfortable! If you are desiring to deliver at RMH in Harrisonburg, but you also want exceptional care that follows the Midwifery Model of Care, then a CNM is for you!

Harrisonburg, Virginia is full of beauty and options and Midwifery prenatal care.

What is Midwifery Care?

Certified Nurse Midwives provide prenatal care just as your OB would, they allow you to birth where you are most comfortable, they allow you to receive woman centered prenatal care, which helps you feel. It's more than that though, its assurance that the care provider you've build a relationship with will be there when you deliver your baby. It's assurance that you will be receiving woman-centered care while you welcome your new baby. While Doulas and OBs work well together, Doulas and Midwives work really well together!

What Midwifery care options do I have in Harrisonburg?

If you are seeking in-hospital midwifery care for your birth in the Harrisonburg area you have two amazing options for prenatal and birth care. Our team loves working with Anastasia, CNM of Harrisonburg OBGYN right now she is the only CNM on the Harrisonburg OBGYN team. When you decide to work with Harrisonburg OBGYN and have Anastasia as your Midwife, she is on call for you and you know that she will be there when your baby is born! Our next choice is the amazing team at Shenandoah Women's Healthcare, a group of CNMs and OBs located right in Harrisonburg, Va. You get to choose to be on the call schedule with the CNMs and can have the chance to meet your baby for the first time with a midwife by your side.

Who is Midwifery care for?

Midwifery care is for anyone planning to give birth and the Midwives at Harrisonburg OBGYN and Shenandoah Women's Healthcare can even be your well-woman providers! Are you planning on having an unmedicated birth? Midwifery care is a perfect addition to your team! Planning on having an epidural at some point in your labor? You can still welcome your baby with the Midwives, epidural and all! Just like Doulas, Midwives in the hospital work with women  planning to have an epidural  or not! If you do not yet know what you will do and hope to have a doula to help you navigate labor before and after you get your epidural in your labor.

If you want to consider Midwifery care for your prenatal and birth care, set up a time to meet with one of the midwives and go from there! We wish you all the best on your upcoming birth, if you have any questions about the different practices, please send us an email!