How to Help a Family with a New Baby

The baby is here!!

We all get so excited when the new baby has arrived, we want to go meet this new baby and snuggle them and ask all the questions about the baby. What can you do that will be helpful for this new family AND allow you to soak in the new baby snuggles?

After a new baby arrives, it is important to be sure that the family who just gave birth is also showered with love and support and we pulled our expert experiences together to bring you some of the best ways you can help a family that is welcoming a new baby!

What do families with a new baby need

 Families with new babies need support, a listening ear, help doing the annoying chores or errands, someone to let them get sleep, an extra set of hands on busy days after sleepless nights. They need support that comes with active listening and compassion and understanding. No two babies are alike, no two parents will parent the same, no two recoveries will be the same and each family will have unique needs.They will also need practical support, like meals, that's correct, getting food down in addition to all of the other things that need done is somethings difficult in those first few weeks. And honestly, new parents should get a complete break for the first week or two anyways - regardless of if their baby, recovery, birth, or situation is easy. A break allows them to just be. A break allows them to soak up their new baby and slow down for one week before the world and time spins by.

Supporting them practically

When you come over to meet their sweet baby, remember that they have just met their new baby themselves. Do them a huge favor and bring them a meal, order their favorite take out or if they planned freezer meals, take one out and begin the heating process. There is so much to do when you bring home a baby. Before baby you seem to have all the time in the world to get things done, but once baby (or babies!) arrive there is only so much time in a day. New parents are juggling a lot and visitors can change their lives by doing simple things without asking or after asking. New parents are often hesitant to ask for help because they don't want to seem overbearing, it take a village, and a village just supports new parents, no questions asked. Before you leave, offer to put on a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, bring something down for them or another chore that has been hanging on the refrigerator list since 39 weeks! I promise, it's the little things that will do so much for new parents and it will create memories of support, ease, peace of mind for them to remember forever.