If Two is Company, Is Three a Crowd?; Relatives and Your Postpartum Doula

Having an amazing postpartum support system is a beautiful thing.

Especially when you bring home your new baby.

Once you do, you're sure to have a ton of family members offering a helping hand. Although it might seem like a tempting offer, some professional care might have it's place too as you settle in to your new routines with baby.

Why not just use all this family help that's making itself available?

Judgement Free Zone

Well for one, family has a tendency to dish out more unsolicited parenting advice than you might be comfortable with. Once the dust settles and you're trying to implement the routines you're comfortable with, you might encounter some resistance from family members.

A postpartum doula is different than family, family is still important, but your postpartum doula adds to the team.

Although she gives you the compassionate support you and your family need while you transition home with a new baby, you'll never find parenting advice or judgement here. Your doula is there to utilize her expertise and professional certifications to offer modern baby care that reflects the way you want to parent.

Family Can Be Stressful... Or Awkward

Having family around the house as you're settling in with your new baby is a great bonding experience, but it can also give new parents a little more anxiety than they signed up for. New parents often feel the need to cater to their guests and with a full plate of newborn care and limited sleep, tensions can build. With a doula around, they cater to the needs of your whole family. Your postpartum doula works with your family's schedule to keep them from feeling crowded or overwhelmed. Even if you require some overnight care, you can sleep soundly knowing your doula is there to take care of you and your baby while you rest and recover.

New mothers have a lot of healing to do and feeling comfortable in their own home shouldn't be a concern. Having extended family around can make a new mom feel uncomfortable while she's healing after birth and trying to get a hang of a new breastfeeding routine. Your doula is a birth and postpartum professional. She can provide the care and guidance that you need to start a breastfeeding routine and answer every question you have on your postpartum journey, no matter how awkward you think it might be.

Outdated Advice

Parenting styles and technology is always evolving. As birth professionals we are able to stay ahead of the curve to provide families with state of the art newborn care. Often times, families get set in their ways when it comes to newborn care and their advice isn't always up to date. You're a modern mother so we know you've done your own research on the newborn care strategies and parenting styles you're planning on using with your new baby. Your doula never questions the care choices you make and always provides you with modern baby care and postpartum healing strategies you can count on. When you choose a postpartum doula, you're receiving premier newborn care in the comfort of your own home. Our care plans are customized to the way you parent and you'll never have to walk on eggshells thinking that the choices you make for your family aren't right.

Family is an incredibly important element of the postpartum process.

Doulas are setting out to change the perception of the postpartum period and offer parents the perfect blend of compassionate and professional support, never to replace your family along the way. There's pros and cons to family care during the postpartum period and every family's experience is different.

Think a postpartum doula is right for you? Give us a call!

We are passionate about the experience of our clients and offer customized care plans to suit the need of every new family.