I'm Over Being Pregnant

In the first trimester, you might be excited, but with morning sickness, the time seems to drag on. By your second trimester you feel good, you look good and you're maternity clothes look adorable. When the third trimester finally hits, a day seem to last a week and a week seems to last a month...

We get it, you're over being pregnant. You just want to hold your baby. It's hard to walk, since you feel like you have a bowling ball sitting on your bladder and in your pelvis, you basically do. You can't get comfortable at night and even when you do settle down you have to get up to pee, again. We can't change the time that seems to drag on, but we can help  you pass the time in an enjoyable way. I know, you hear it all the time, "enjoy these last few days", but really, try some fun things. We want you to take some you time before your baby arrives. 

Here are some things to do in those last few weeks:

  • Get a pedicure and manicure
  • Go out by yourself for some you time
  • Go out on a date with your partner, stay out as late as you want, have fun
  • Go to one place you have had on your list (sorry, no flying) for some time
  • Visit a fun place like the National Zoo
  • Take some quiet time to think about your birth
  • Go out with your girls for a fun night filled with laughter
  • Take some time to think about what you need to do to feel prepared and then do it
  • Go to a prenatal yoga class, here are some of our favorites Northern Virginia , Winchester, Harrisonburg
  • Set up a meal train for after baby arrives
  • Get a journal to write your birth story and keep track of your postpartum journey
  • Get a maternity photo shoot. Nothing is more fun then getting all dolled up and taking pictures. Here are some of our favorite photographers to work with. Northern Virginia(Tiny Sparrow Photography), Leesburg (Becky Kent), Winchester(Chelsea Felty Photography)

These moments seem long, but soon you will be holding your precious little one and transitioning into motherhood. Self-care is important and if you need extra support during your postpartum recovery, it is available 24/7. You chose the best team for your delivery, now choose the best team for your postpartum recovery.

What got YOU through those last few weeks?