Infant Milestones: Crawling

Let's talk about milestones and your baby's development. If you are familiar with babies and infants, you might know all of these milestones and when each one is expected. If you are not familiar with babies and infants, maybe you are wondering what is normal and what is not. While crawling is not one of the first milestones your baby will reach, it is such a fun one. As mother's we all want our little ones to grow and do everything that they should. So what does this look like?

I want to start by saying that their are averages, but there are always exceptions.  Some babies will take a little longer, some might go early, and that is okay as long as baby is growing, happy, and healthy.

What do the experts say?

Crawling comes after sitting up, sometimes after the army crawl, and before walking. Crawling begins around  6-9 months of age. 

What is good for baby to help with crawling?

  • Tummy time- tummy time is important to help baby develop strength and begin to be comfortable on their stomach. They can push up with their arms, move their legs, and learn to like that position.
  • Assisted sitting- before your baby is ready to sit up on their own it is still helpful to help them sit up. Again, this prepares and strengthens their muscles.
  • Let them take their time- don't worry too much if 6 months has come and gone and your baby is still not crawling. Look a the signs they are showing. Are they happy and healthy? Are they growing? Are they going up to all fours? Are they rocking back and forth on all fours? These are all great signs that your baby is well on their way to crawling! If it becomes a big convent, mention it to your pediatrician.

Don't forget to childproof the house once your baby starts to crawl around!