Introducing a Pacifier to your Baby

Ready to give your baby a pacifier?

Introducing a pacifier to your baby is not always an easy take! Some babies take a few tries to take it and some need to be given help as they learn to keep it in their mouth.

Why would you introduce a pacifier to your baby?

A pacifier can reduce the risk of SIDS for your baby. Many parents jump at the chance to utilize anything that will reduce the risk of SIDS! And a pacifier is one of them.

You might also introduce a pacifier as a way to help your baby sooth themselves while avoiding nursing all night, in the car or while someone else is caring for your baby.

How do you introduce a pacifier?

Pick your first pacifier! There are so many types of pacifier nipples and truthfully, some babies are picky and do not take to the first pacifier that you pick. You may have to cycle through a few different styles to find the right fit for your baby.

Decide when your baby will be able to have the pacifier. Some families introduce a pacifier to their baby and let them have it whenever it is convenient. Some families prefer to make the pacifier available to their baby only at specific times. That might look like, only during sleeping, only during car rides or only with care providers.

Whatever you decide to do, if you have questions about weaning off of the pacifier or curious if it will cause dental issues, connect with your pediatrician!