Lactation Support for Winchester Families

Breastfeeding Support to help you achieve your goals 


Did you know that we now offer Lactation Services for families all over Loudoun, Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley? Yes we do! Tiffany Shank, Certified Labor Doula and Posptartum & Infant Care Doula has added to her decade experience and is now working with family through Lactation Services. As always, our goal is to ensure that families in Leesburg, Winchester, Strasburg, Front Royal and everywhere in between have access to support that will help them on their postpartum recovery journey. 

What can lactation support do for you?

Lactation support for you on your breastfeeding journey will look unique, because each baby and breastfeeding journey is different and needs different levels of support. 

Support on your breastfeeding journey will help you have access to the questions you have in the first day after your baby arrives, the first month after your baby's arrival, six months and so on!

Support on your breastfeeding journey will help you navigate latch issues with your newborn.

Support on your breastfeeding journey will help you navigate supply issues in the first few weeks or months after your baby's arrival.

Support on your breastfeeding journey will help you navigate pumping and breastfeeding or returning to work or whatever your set up needs to look like. 

It will look like one-on-one time with our Lactation Consultant, she will sit with you and listen to your history, your current issues, your goals, and then a plan created specifically to help you achieve those goals. 

Do you need multiple visits with a lactation counselor?

Typically, one initial consultation does the trick, however, sometimes a follow up visit is needed to navigate additional issues or to adjust the plan after it has been utilized. The second visit can easily be scheduled and completed so that you can again, continue to work at meeting your goals!

How do you schedule lactation support?

Reach out to us to connect with us before you schedule your initial consultation or book immediately below! The link will take you to our Lactation Appointment availability calendar and you can immediately choose an appointment time that fits your schedule!